G.I. Joe

(ended 1986)





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  • Indoctrination, American-style.

    As a kid, I loved this cartoon. For its time, the animation was great, had really cool sound effects, and great voice acting. They even had those obligatory cheesy 80s moral lessons at the end of each episode where they seemed to be speaking to the audience. However, looking back now, the cartoon really sucks. It was so predictable and repetitive and boring like Transformers was, with the same basic theme occuring in every single episode - COBRA tries to take over the world with some new weapon/device etc. This cartoon defined 80s excess, as it featured way too many characters,weapons, and vehicles, most of whom really didn't matter. New characters and vehicles were always brought in simply to have an excuse to sell you a new, more expensive toy. There were always battles and explosions going on, yet no one ever got hurt, injured or killed. That gets really boring after 2 or 3 episodes. Same old crap each episode.