G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 18

Satellite Down

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 25, 1985 on
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Satellite Down

When Cobra uses a tractor beam to steal a spy satellite recently placed in space by the Joes, Breaker forces the satellite to crash in the jungles of Africa, but a tribe of hominid Primords complicates Joe and Cobra's efforts to recover the technology.

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    Keone Young

    Keone Young

    Storm Shadow

    Guest Star

    Gregg Berger

    Gregg Berger


    Recurring Role

    John Stephenson

    John Stephenson


    Recurring Role

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      • Dancing Toothbrushes: (singing) For whiter teeth, it can't be beat! For fresher breath, it's just the best! For healthier gums, go get you some Happy Fresh Toothpaste today!

      • Storm Shadow: This weapon was centuries old.
        Spirit: And now it is broken as your code of honor was broken when you deserted us.

      • (After a primord child jumps on Storm Shadow)
        Lady Jaye: Storm Shadow. No. They're just kids. (Storm Shadow throws primord child) What have you done?
        Storm Shadow: They are enemies. Such rediculous compassion for your foes is the Joe team's fatal weekness.

      • Lady Jaye: Storm Shadow. Unless we work together, we shall not live to resolve our differences.
        Storm Shadow: Agreed. We must unite against our common foe. Then one day, I alone, may defeat you.

      • (A Primord touches Lady Jaye's hair)
        Lady Jaye: Ok. It's true. I admit it. I use a hair rinse. Can I go now?

      • Storm Shadow: This is not an honorable way for a warrior to meet his end.
        Lady Jaye: Then it should suit you perfectly.
        Storm Shadow: You will suffer for that insult.

      • Cobra Commander: (To Storm Shadow) I'm not interested in what you sense. I want that satellite.

      • Lady Jaye: (Falling from rope bridge) I hate falling.
        MacIntosh: Falling's okay. It's landing that gets ya.

      • Lady Jaye: (Hanging on rope bridge) I hate high places.
        MacIntosh: I hate being the duck in a shooting gallery.

      • Dusty: That Lady Jaye's got guts, Flint. You like girls with guts.
        Flint: Professionally, yes. Personally, I'd like to see her stick around a while longer.

      • Dusty: (To Spirit) A fellow named, McIntosh. But by the time they found him, he wasn't really playing with a full deck. They say he came back here and lives like a hermit.

      • Dusty: (To Spirit) I know a little about this territory. There was an expedition about 20 years ago. The explorers were never seen again.

      • Breaker: Diagnostic complete. All communications circuits are functional. And now we can keep an eye on Cobra where ever that snake is.

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