G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 11

The Pyramid of Darkness (1): The Further Adventures of G.I. Joe

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 16, 1985 on



  • Trivia

    • Goofs: When the Joes have Cobra Commander and the Crimson twins trapped before they're rescued by the giant robots, Junkyard, Mutt's dog is briefly seen in place of Timber, Snake Eyes' wolf.

    • Notice Junkyard is with Breaker, Zartan & Steeler in the Cargo Bay and then in the next scene he's back in the cockpit with Mutt & Dusty.

    • When Mutt reads the card from Cobra Commander, He says "I'm sure you will enjoy their deadly secret," when the card reads "Hope you enjoy their split personalities."

    • Quick Kick was accidentally included at G.I. Joe headquarters moments before and after the base was nearly destroyed however the "barefoot stranger" did not join the Joe's until part four.

  • Quotes

    • Flint: Cobra has bitten us once to often and we're going to start biting back.

    • Cobra Commander: The first control cube is almost completed and when it and its duplicates are in position. Cobra shall rule forever.

    • (Walking through subway tunnel)
      Shipwreck: Let's reconnoiter, Snake Eyes. Try not to attract attention. Sure. Who'd notice a wet sailor with a parrot and an silent masked man with a timber wolf.

    • Polly: I'm a parrot not a duck.
      Shipwreck: Keep squawking and you'll be a gone goose.

    • (Reading card)
      Mutt: These adorable creatures are called fatal fluffies. I'm sure you will enjoy their deadly secret. Sincerely yours, Cobra Commander.

    • (After hearing about the extra cargo)
      Scarlett: Scarlett here, Mutt. I want you to locate and identify that cargo.
      Mutt: Affirmative, Big Red.

    • (After watching a replay of the shuttle launch)
      Destro: How will the unique and charming cargo inside the pod be activated, Cobra Commander?
      Cobra Commander: Why by Zartan, of course.

    • (As a water robot suck the subs into its face)
      Gung-Ho: Put her in reverse or it's going to get worse.

    • Shipwreck: First they want me to fly, now they want me to dive. The minute they ask me to dance, I'm getting out of this outfit

    • (After Cobra Commander and the Crimsom Twins are rescued by the water robots)
      Shipwreck: Suffering sushi. What were those?

    • (After G.I. Joe frees the shuttle)
      Cobra Commander: No. G.I. Joe was ready for us. How dare they anticipate my strategy.

    • (After capturing the shuttle)
      Cobra Commander: The space shuttle will be mine, mine, mine.

    • Tomax: We've caged quite a bird, Xamot.
      Xamot: Yes, Tomax. Now let's take birdie home to.
      Xamot and Tomax: (Together) Cobra.

    • Flint: Talk to me, Lady Jaye. What do you see from your P.O.V.?
      Lady Jaye: Nothing serpentine, Flint. So far the launch looks W.O.C.
      Flint: W.O.C.?
      Lady Jaye: With Out Cobra.

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