G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 13

The Pyramid of Darkness (3): Three Cubes to Darkness

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 18, 1985 on

Episode Recap

Lady Jaye uses a bubble producing javelin to save herself and Flint.

Shipwreck and Snake Eyes are being followed, so they go into a nightclub and met a singer named Satin.

Flint and Lady Jaye try to stop Destro but are too late and are grabbed by tentacles from the cube.

Satin hides Snake Eyes and Shipwreck from Col. Slash who's following them but they make their escape.

The Crimson Twins plant the second cube in a temple called the City of the Dead. Roadblock, Airtight and Footloose try to stop them and meet up with some giant statues that have come to life while skeleton warriors attack the twins.

Meanwhile, on the Mountain of Glass, Major Bludd attempts to place the third cube.

On Delta, Zartan begins to activate the cubes. As the first cube is activated, it lets go of Flint and Lady Jaye.

The Twins activate their cube but then Tomax is captured.

Bazooka and Alpine attempt to climb the side of the mountain and are buried by an avalanche. They dig themselves out but Bazooka's leg is injured. They then met up with Storm Shadow and trapped adrift on an iceberg surrounded by killer leopard seals.

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