G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 14

The Pyramid of Darkness (4): Chaos in the Sea of Lost Souls

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 19, 1985 on



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    • (To Cobra Commander)
      Tomax: If you wish to remain part of our triumph.
      Xamot: You will cooperate fully.
      Tomax: Or we shall simply remove you entirely.
      Tomax and Xamot: (Together) Understand!

    • Cobra Commander: I wonder if I should begin with my back to the camera and then turn suddenly or will a simple close-up be more dramatic.

    • Satin: (To Shipwreck and Snake Eyes) You're on your own from here guys. It was more monkeys than a barrel of laughs. Or something. Hasta la vista.

    • Destro: I do not agree with our leader's change of heart.
      Baroness: Has the noble Destro forgotten our leader has no heart?

    • Destro: Xamot is reacting to the experience of his twin, Tomax. They share a psychic bond between them.
      Cobra Commander: What a revolting display.

    • Lady Jaye: (Flying in and grabbing live wires) While I tie up a few loose ends, why don't you two tie down that twin termite.

    • Quick Kick: Hitch and rides can be hazardous to our health but hanging around here would be fatal.

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