G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 7

The Revenge of Cobra (2): The Vines of Evil

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Sep 11, 1984 on
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The Revenge of Cobra (2): The Vines of Evil
Flint & Mutt along with Junkyard manage to escape the Pit of Chaos as Roadblock sacrifices his spot on the makeshift helicopter. Meanwhile, Doc develops an energy mirror to counter attack Cobra's Weather Dominator but Destro slams the Joe team with a hailstorm in Washington, D.C. During the battle, the G.I. Joe team blasts back the lightning energy bolts back at the Weather Dominator causing it to launch into orbit and separate into three pieces which scatter over the Earth. Elsewhere, Shipwreck attempts to ferry Flint, Mutt & Junkyard out of Cobra territory but are caught in a sandstorm.

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      • (After the Weather Dominator divides)
        Lady Jaye: I just got a flash from Head Quarters. Cobra's Weather Control gizmo shot into orbit and came down in three pieces.
        Gung-Ho: And it started a chain reaction of crazy weather all over the world.
        Scarlett: Then we've got to get those pieces back together or the sun may never shine on Earth again.
        Gung-Ho: Yo Joe.

      • (As Destro sends a lightning strike with the Weather Dominator to Washington, D.C.)
        Gung-Ho: Holy Toledo, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Here comes the grande daddy of all lightning bolts.

      • (After Flint & Mutt knock the whole bar brawlers out)
        Shipwreck: You don't live around here do you? (Dropping his newspaper slightly) Don't be so nervous, I'm not with Cobra.
        Flint: Then who are you with?
        Shipwreck: I'm with myself and anybody who can pay my price. The names Shipwreck. (Taking a sip of coffee)
        Flint: Why would that interest us?
        Shipwreck: Because you're not exactly number one on Cobra's sweetheart parade. Now, you want to pay my fee and get out of here. Or hang around and pray for urban renewal.

      • (As hail stones pound the G.I. Joe team in Washington, D.C.)
        Scarlett: Gung-Ho. We're taking a pounding.
        Gung-Ho: Same here, babe. Got any lucky horse shoes, throw them this way, fast.

      • (After the vines have turned brittle)
        Roadblock: Hello sunshine. What is new? Good-bye snake vines, you are through.

      • (At the Cobra Temple)
        Destro: I protest. I protest most strongly, my dear Cobra Commander. Using the full power of the laser core on Washington could leave us vunerable to counter attack.
        Zartan: Nonsense. There is no possible way for G.I. Joe to resiste the Weather Dominator.
        Destro: I will not have my opinions questioned by a petty anti, quick change artist.
        Cobra Commander: What would you have me do with Washington, Destro. Pepper it with spit balls.

      • (In the Pit of Chaos Cavern)
        Roadblock: I scrounged every bit of fuel from those engines. So when they run dry, we better hit sky or it is good-bye forever.

      • (After Doc demonstrates the mirror's powers)
        Lady Jaye: If we can get these energy mirrors to Washington in time, we just might give Cobra a taste of it's own reptile medicine.

      • Clutch: Scarlett. That defense you were just talking about. Doc's got it.
        Doc: Only maybe, Clutch. (Bringing out a new gadget) I guess you might call it an energy mirror.
        Clutch: (Chuckles) The mirror part's working just fine, Doc. (Looking in the mirror) Why I need to shave.

      • (After Duke & Snake Eyes are beaten down by Cobra Troopers)
        Zartan: They sent out a message. I'm sure of it. G.I. Joe will know out target.
        Cobra Commander: So much the better. They're helplessness in the face of my power will surely break their spirit.

      • (Attempting to battle the vines with Flint)
        Roadblock: Get back, you predatory vegetable. (As Flint comes up) Man am I glad to find a friendly face in this homicital salad bowl.

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