G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 46

Worlds Without End (1)

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 04, 1985 on
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Worlds Without End (1)

The G.I. Joe team gets sent to another dimension in which Cobra took over the world.

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  • Has Cobra finally won?

    Hey gang! It's time for another go round with the G.I. Joe team!

    This time out, we look to the first season (which took place after the two mini-series), as Flint (warrant officer) became the focus. Flint kind of replaced Duke (Master Sergeant and second-in-command of G.I. Joe) as the main star of the show, but I'll get to that later. As the opening credits roll and the theme song blares, we see the Joe team attacking yet another "Giant-Cobra thing", this one looking like a giant airship that's shaped like a big blue cobra head. As the Joes easily blown it up, we cut the real action of the piece.

    I first saw this on Fox Kids UK back in mid 2003.

    We see Zartan (almighty Master of Disguise) and the Dreadnoks Ripper, Buzzer, and Torch (which was before they were joined by Monkeywrench, Thrasher, and Zartan's siblings Zandar and Zarana), as they pillage through what looks like a big vault. Zartan is dressed, for the most part, in a guard's uniform. Except his head; which as what looks like he dunked two buckets of mascara under both his eyes and either his hair or some kind of leather cowl. Not exactly fitting in, is he?

    After enough talking to convince us that yes, the Dreadnoks are from Australia, they have found what they are looking for.

    Namely a set of blueprints and an object referred as a "Matter-Transmuter". They then rush from the vault and in the process trip an alarm. The lone guard gravely says aloud that the Matter-Transmuter has been stolen, just in case we failed to get that that is a bad thing.

    Next, the Dreadnoks and Copperhead, in his Water Moccasin (Cobra speed boat), are making their back to the Redwood base. Zartan suggests that they spilt up since the trip is taking too long. Is he planning on swimming? Because I am only seeing the open water and the Moccasin.

    Next, inside what must be the biggest tree in world is Cobra Commander! Yes, the Redwood base is simply a hollowed tree in what looks like a state park. Wouldn't people have noticed the construction required to either hollow the thing out or set up a fake one? And there must be plumbing and power lines, couldn’t have something followed that? This story's not even at the five minute mark and I have already pointed out a major continuity error. An all time record, whoo!


    Like I was saying; Cobra Commander and Destro, along with the Baroness, are watching a monitor. On said monitor is a tape explaining just the heck a Matter-Transmuter does. It can take and rearrange the molecules in any object and mutate it into something, IE turning a lump of metal into an apple.

    Now, I'm not a scientist by any means, but isn't that impossible? Even by cartoon logic that's stretching things. Cobra Commander gloats, as they could bank safes into tissue paper with it! Yeah, or turn lead into gold, which might be easier but what do I know? Destro then mentions how late Zartan is, but Cobra Commander blames Destro for that. You know, Destro always seemed like the smart one, how come he never tried to take things over? But I digress, Cobra Commander delivers a verbal slap and dressing down (right in front of Destro’s girl the Baroness too. Which is just cold man, just cold) and makes remarks about Destro's temper and other threats.

    But since this show is called "G.I. Joe" and not "Cobra", we then cut to a Mauler (really big tank) parked near a waterfall and listen to Steeler (tank driver; This was pretty much his big break on the show. In the filecards and comics, Steeler was the cocky one who clashed with authority, as he was one of the younger Joes, but he was described as a blue collar kind of guy) gripe about how dangerous this job is and how they'll just freeze their butts off waiting for Cobra to show up. Man, this guy is getting on my nerves almost as much as Lt. Falcon, and that is saying something!

    Steeler continues to whine about how his latest girl broke up with him, on account that she was always worried. I'm thinking more his attitude, but what do I know? Lady Jaye (covert operations) orders him to be quiet, just about the time we see Zartan swoop by on a hang glider with Flint in hot pursuit! I guess that answers how he got off the Water Moccasin. Zartan and Flint exchange fire, with Zartan's glider getting shot full of holes. The rest of the Dreadnoks then arrive in a Stinger (armed jeep) and try to pick their boss up.

    Thankfully Steeler stops whining enough to remember that he is driving a Mauler (BIG tank), which he uses to blast a redwood down and block their path. Of course, it might have made more sense to simply blast the Dreadnoks, but I doubt the censors would have liked that. The debris from the Stinger flies upwards and shreds Zartan's glider even more (and yes, he is still airborne! Why do they make hang gliders so tough and jeeps so wimpy?) before he drops the blueprints and crashes. Steeler has his main cannon pointed at him. He orders him to stop, but Zartan grabs the discarded rocket launcher that somehow managed to fly off of the back of the Stinger without jostling all four rockets, and fire them.

    How? I mean, wasn't the firing mechanism inside the jeep? But I digress as rockets indeed fire. Steeler barely manages to leap a good ten feet from the tank before it gets blown to bits (all without mussing his jacket either). Of course, the heat and shrapnel should turned him into mush, but it's the Hero's Death Exemption to the rescue! Zartan and the Dreadnoks run to the base (I guess it was closer than I thought) and Cobra escapes, mainly due to the tree really being a giant rocket! How the heck did anyone not see them setting this thing up?

    Back on the W.H.A.L.E. (big hovercraft) the team is now transporting the blueprints to the rendezvous point. Steeler again whines about how the fight never seems to end and what's the point of it all? He also adds that this is his last mission with the Joes (No you fool! Anyone who retires always buys it; don't you watch movies?) so you know that somehow this conversation is going to come back to haunt him.

    Several hours later (it was night with the rest of the team, but now it's day) we see a nondescript train chugging along. Inside there’s Flint and Lady Jaye, along with a general and a scientist. The boxcars the train is hauling are actually a lab. The female scientist demands the blueprints, which cause the Joes some confusion, as the doc and the general should know that they don't have them...until the two pull of their faces to revel that they are in fact Zartan and the Baroness in disguise!

    Why did they do that? They had the Joes fooled, all they had to do was wait, and the blueprints would have been in their hands. I guess they got a good deal on the fake skin they used for the masks. They then use gas of the Joes, although it really doesn't seem to do anything to them. Lady Jaye is tossed out just as the train is going over a bridge. Flint, thinking man that he is, ignores the two enemy agents and leans out real far out the open door. So it comes to no surprise that he joins her outside.

    As they dangle from the supports, the rest of the Joes show up, but so does Copperhead! He spies Steeler carrying a briefcase, so he jumps out of the Moccasin and follows them up the supports. The train has passed, why can't he just fire on them...oh yeah, censors. He carries the Matter-Transmuter with him and tries to use it as a club on Steeler. To no-one's surprise, the thing goes off!

    And just what can a Matter-Transmuter do to a bridge? From the looks of things, it turned the wood into either glass or ice. Whatever the substance is, it breaks real easy, sending the Joes and Cobras hurtling down into the water as the yellow gas from the train suddenly filters down the cannon and envelops them all.

    Next, we only see Flint, Lady Jaye, Steeler, Footloose (infantry, he's like the stoner of the group), Grunt (infantry again), Clutch (mechanic, he's a top ladies' man in the comics), Airtight (chemical expert) and Barbeque (fireman) all sprawled out on a very dry looking ground.

    A quick look around confirms that they are still in the same area (although now they are on the cliff, as opposed to the ground) only...everything is different!

    The ground in barren and the river is dried up! But while they discuss the change in their surroundings, a large PURPLE bug bites Steeler. He simply swats it and walks it off. Man, what a trooper! I mean, if a bug the size of your hand bites you (and isn't even crushed when you swat it), don’t you think you should...do something? Like maybe put some medicine on it, or at least yell: "Hey, I just got bit by a weird looking insect!" but no, Steeler just shrugs it off.

    But I guess his silence is excusable, since a swarm of Cobra CLAWS attack (think an armored hang glider)! Diving out of the sun, they manage to drive the Joes into a box canyon, although that is the full extent of their strategy. One seems to disappear, one is shot down, and the other; after seeing all the Joes run into an obvious cave, simply circles once and flies away.

    Man, I wonder what his report said?

    Anyway, the Joes then discover a cache of their own vehicles hidden inside, although they are all in various stages of disrepair. Some questions are raised, but no one thinks too much of it. Footloose manages to get an AWE Striker (dune buggy) working and they're off!

    They must have driven for hours, because now it’s nighttime when we see them. The AWE Striker breaks down near a general store, so the Joes hoof it inside.

    Steeler meanwhile, is looking like an extra from Return of the Living Dead. His face is covered in sweat, and the skin under his eyes is purple! PURPLE I tell you! Plus when you add his jerky movements, I keep expecting him to scream "Brains!" any second. Of course, given the general IQ's shown so far, I think he'd starve.

    Flint whips out a large wad of hundreds and gives to the crotchety old man working the counter. His wife (who is just as old but not nearly as crotchety) gives us some exposition.

    Mentioning the "Proving Grounds", the Joe resistance, (not to mention biological and chemical agents that are tested there, Steeler, you getting this?) and the Weather Dominator in one breath, this sets things up as being KINDA WEIRD. After that, the old man has Flint stay still for a 'retina scan' as a device drops down from the ceiling and takes a flash picture of Flint’s eyes. A recorded voice mentions that Flint’s eyes don’t match with any known dissident, that they are free to go.

    Flint, taking all this in stride, thanks the couple and drives off on his motorcycle. Yes, all the Joes bought motorcycles.

    Just as they drive over the hill, the old man rushes out with Flint's money in hand, screaming: "Come back, this is United States dollars! It's worthless!"

    Wait, how come he waits till now to mention this? And if he's so worried about security to do a retinal scan on all customers, wouldn't two men dressed in a firefighter’s togs and a haz-mat suit alarm him? (Not to mention that fact that the Joes all still have their grenades, knifes and guns on them when they went in.)

    A little ways down the road, the Joes try to figure just what the heck happened. They bring up the fact that everyone acts as if Cobra is in charge, and has been that for a while. Grunt brings up that maybe...just maybe...they aren't on their Earth anymore.

    That is just laughed off, because that would be silly!

    After driving a bit, they end up near the G.I. Joe headquarters...only to find it covered in vines and what looks like a grand total of four armed Cobra troops standing in front of it. Noticing the sign that says "Closed by the orders of Cobra Commander". Lady Jaye provides a distraction by tossing one of her javelins into a collection of brush, somehow setting it on fire. While the Cobras try to deal with it, the Joes all fire their guns at the wall, cutting a perfect circle through the concrete and crushing the Cobras with the rubble.

    Blasting their way into the interior of the base (and putting all the Cobras into the brig, who despite having a section of what is sure to be rather thick concrete dropped on them they all look fine) they make a horrifying discovery.

    Out of all 50 Joes, all but six are listed as MIA (Missing In Action) and three of them are listed as KIA (Killed In Action). This is bit of a bummer as you can well imagine. There are also a few other things going on as well:

    1. The Joes communication satellite is no longer in orbit, so there will be no radios.

    2. Steeler's face, besides the area around his eyes that is now purple, is now riddled with either pockmarks, acne, or his flesh is now falling off.

    And despite all that, no one seems all that concerned.

    In the motor pool, Clutch is busy trying to salvage some of the gear. At least some realism is kept here, as the vehicles are shown to be in serious stages of disrepair. Of course, there is no mention of just why would there be any equipment at all. If an enemy base is captured (and there is only a skeleton crew guarding it), would they just leave any useable equipment just scattered around?

    Flint, Barbeque, and Airtight take a repainted APC (yeah, like a giant armored transport with a big cannon on top is going to just sneak into a city) and drive around. They apparently drive for a few hours, as they look like they are in New York. The G.I. Joe base is surrounded by desert by the way.

    Stealing a newspaper, the trio is shocked to see the headline: "Cobra Commander to give State of the Empire Address tonight." While they study this new bit of info, they are greeted to the sight of flashing red and blue lights.

    A police cruiser pulls up, and lo and behold, the drivers are none other than Buzzer, Ripper, and Torch! They ordered the Joes out of the APC, but they abandon the vehicle and make their getaway on two Silver Mirage motorcycles. Why? The police pulled up behind them, and there is nothing to suggest the way ahead is blocked. The APC could crush the car easily, and they would have more protection in it than on a bike.

    Oh, but if they stayed inside the truck, then they couldn't have jumped the police car. I see.

    So they spilt up with the Dreadnok cops in hot pursuit while we cut to...

    Lady Jaye, Footloose, and Clutch zipping around in Sky Hawks (VTOL jets). They aren't having any luck from the air, but Lady Jaye makes another horrifying discovery:

    Mount Rushmore now has the following faces on it:

    Jefferson, Cobra Commander, Destro, and Lincoln.

    Odd that a fascist control freak like Cobra Commander would allow both Jefferson and Lincoln to stay, isn't it?

    Clutch patches into a weather satellite so they can see some more stuff, such as the statue of Cobra Commander replacing the one of Lincoln inside the memorial. I guess Lincoln was good enough for a face, but not a whole statue. And why a weather satellite would be able to see inside a building? They also pick up a few other things, such as the Baroness in place of the Statue of Liberty. Lady Jaye again mentions the whole other world theory, while we cut to...

    Flint and his group, who have managed to outrun the Dreadnoks, but they too crash when a Cobra HISS tank blocks the way. But they bring up the other world theory too, as the date on the paper they stole is...still the same date as when they left.

    One note, they drive past the Capitol Building (which now has a giant Cobra which looks like it is devouring the dome, indicating that they are Washington DC. Did they really drive THAT far?

    The Dreadnoks surround out heroes, mentioning smugly that they have the entire base bugged, so as they now know where the other are and what their plans are.

    Wow, that...actually makes sense! Of course, why the heck would they mention this to their prisoners, I have no idea.

    And speaking of the base, we cut back there, as Grunt is busy working and Steeler is...well he's looking like three shades shy of Keith Richards. Grunt asks him to help, by which Steeler responds by having the mother of all freak-outs and running out.

    I should point out that he is now moving like a cross between a zombie and Shaggy. If I were Grunt, I would just let the fool run, but that's just me.

    As Steeler rushes out, we just cut to the following scene, now played out on a monitor. A blonde woman wearing Cobra colours points out Steeler's appearance to none other than the Baroness! She purrs evilly as we again move to...

    Lady Jaye and her fliers, while still debating the whole Counter earth thing are ambushed by a squad of Cobra Rattlers (blue bi-planes)! We then fade to black as the ominous words "To Be Continued" flash across the screen.

    More on this in my review of Part 2.moreless
Michael Yama

Michael Yama

voice of Torpedo (W-4 Edward W. Leialoha)

Stan Wojno

Stan Wojno

voice of Lifeline (E-5 Edwin C. Steen)

Dan Gilvezan

Dan Gilvezan

voice of Slip Stream (0-2 Gregory B. Boyajian)

Francois Chau

Francois Chau

voice of Quick-Kick (E-4 MacArthur S. Ito)

Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen

voice of Airborne (E-5 Franklin E. Talltree) / Zandar

Hank Garrett

Hank Garrett

voice of Dial Tone (E-4 Jack S. Morelli)

Gregg Berger

Gregg Berger

voice of Cutter (O-2 Skip Stone) / Rip Cord (E-4 Wallace A. Weems) / Spirit (E-4 Charlie Iron-Knife) / Sparks / Firefly

Recurring Role

Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins

voice of Cobra Commander / Breaker / Gung Ho / Ripper / Steeler / Frostbite

Recurring Role

Keone Young

Keone Young

Storm Shadow

Recurring Role

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