G.I. Joe

Season 1 Episode 47

Worlds Without End (2)

Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Nov 05, 1985 on
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Worlds Without End (2)

The G.I. Joe team gets sent to another dimension in which Cobra took over the world.

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  • Is there any hope for the G.I. Joe resistance?

    You all remember my review of Part 1 of "Worlds Without End"? Good, then let's continue with Part 2...

    Part 2 opens with Lady Jaye easily shooting down the Rattlers. During the course of the firefight, we see the Lincoln Memorial get hit twice...in which it then promptly explodes. Cobra Commander's statue however, in a pique of engineering genius, is saved when it launched from the building. Sadly it shatters when it lands in the reflecting pool. We see the Rattlers crash into a LOT of buildings, isn't anyone concerned with civilians? I guess not, as we pan to the Dreadnoks as they debate among themselves; should they turn the Joes over to Chief Zartan, or do they gamble on big money and take them straight to Cobra Commander himself?

    It's all a moot point anyway since none of them bothered to properly handcuff the Joes (they still have full use of their hands), allowing them to hijack the car and crash it. Bit of advice, never let one of your prisoners sit in the front passanger seat, because that allowed Barbeque to take the steering wheel from Ripper. And as a results, Barbeque, Airtight, and Flint escape.

    Inside the Watergate Hotel (now called Cobra Gate) Zartan chews out the three of them out, but not to tell Cobra Commander, as he'll take care of them personally...

    After that, we cut to Steeler, who is still running and screaming in the middle of nowhere. Grunt, driving an AWE Striker, rushes over to his side and says "Take it easy buddy! You must be sick!"

    Gee, you think the rotting flesh, the purple eyes, and the constant screaming were the first clue? Steeler, apparently not wishing to deal with this knucklehead any more, gets up and runs like a loon.

    And he is running so fast, that Grunt is only able to keep up with him via the AWE Striker. What kind of disease is this? Grunt looks like he's in good shape, yet he is unable to outrace a guy that looks like a zombie? While that is happening, a Cobra CLAW flies overhead, the pilot carrying a MASSIVE video camera

    The images are then sent back the Baroness and Layla (the girl in Cobra uniform). The Baroness says that Steeler is sick (you think?), and that Layla knows what to do. Layla then curtseys before leaving.

    Back in Washington, Lady Jaye and the others are holding their own, but Destro then uses the Parasite Matrix (an energy web device housed in the Washington Monument). I have little belief that such a thing could work, but it creates an energy web that ensnares the Sky-Hawks and crushes. Somehow the Joes aren't crushed, but they do plummet towards the Earth.

    Next, we see Flint, Barbeque, and Airtight. They have made it to the Washington Wall (which is now a slave labor camp) where they ambushed some guards and make off with their weapons. Airtight has to comment on how easy this is, unaware that Zartan is watching from the shadows. He fires off a signal flare, which summons two FANG helicopters and the Dreadnoks. Flint, armed only with one rifle, manages to down one of the FANG's without damaging it (he shoots out the spotlight, which causes the pilot to panic and leap from the craft and into a knee-high pool without a parachute. Not that I blame him for panicking, since all Cobra craft so far have exploded with little to no provocation). Flint and the others steal the craft and make off, while we cut to the White House...

    Or should I say the Gold House? Cobra Commander has Lady Jaye, Clutch, and Footloose, and he is anxious to know if Destro knows he has them. Since Destro is the one that captured them, and they aren't with him, I think he would have an idea.

    We see the captured Joes strapped down to what looks like an upside down ceiling fan. It's Cobra Commander's latest torture device, in which if the Joes don't confess to where they have been hiding (he doesn't believe the "other world" theory), they will be slowly crushed by the G-forces. Sadly this doesn't involve any teens dressed up as birds.

    Then we cut back to Steeler and Grunt. Steeler is still freaking out, so Grunt offers this; "You're sick buddy!" before offering his help. And by help, I mean doing a running tackle and knocking the both of them off of a cliff. Somehow I don't think that is the proper medical treatment. But it helps Steeler wake up from his delirious state.

    But as the two of them are both in the canyon (and neither one of them looks worse for wear), Steeler trips over something.

    Grunt, leaving his now injured and quite frankly INSANE friend down there by himself, rushed back up topside, where he turns on the lights on the AWE Striker.

    And what do you think is down there my brothers and sisters?

    Three rotting skeletons, all of them wearing tattered Joe uniforms!

    Naturally, this causes Steeler to freak out even more, and even Grunt is kind of off put by the discovery. Reaching down, he reads off the names on the dog tags. The names are as follows:

    Steinburg, L. (Clutch, who is identified as being from New Jersey, yet he talks with a Southern drawl)

    Graves, R.W. (Grunt, who takes to finding his own rotting corpse better than you’d think)

    Pulaski, R. (Steeler; who is so freaked out he darn near flies up the side of the mountain)

    Pretty spry for a near zombie, isn't he? But as he reaches the top, a Cobra HISS drives up, and Layla pops out. Grunt begs them for them, although given the kind of help Grunt is prone to give, maybe Steeler would be better off with Cobra. Next we see them inside a posh room, with the Baroness. As Grunt is taken out, the Baroness falls into Steeler's arms. It seems that on this world, the Baroness is in fact a spy for the Joes, and she's involved with Steeler. She doesn’t believe Steeler's insistence about the whole other world thing, at least until she sees his tattoo. For you see, the Steeler she knew had a tattoo on his RIGHT arm, not his left. Heartbroken, Baroness listens to their story as we cut to...

    Cobra Commander, as he moved Lady Jaye and company to another room (via opening their cuffs and shooting them like lawn darts into the next room) so he can torture them with his latest toy-Giant robot snakes! Boa Constrictors to be precise, and the trio look to be in some serious pain as we cut to...

    Flint and company! Like Lady Jaye, they too fall capture to Destro and his nifty toys. About a second later, we cut back to Cobra Commander, who is in a rage because Destro has captured more Joes and he hasn't told him! Dude, he only caught them a second ago, give him time. While Cobra Commander rages, Footloose takes the time to wiggle free of the snake and kick into the control booth. During Cobra Commander's fight for his life, he strikes a control panel, setting the Joes free. Swinging into the booth, Lady Jaye kicks Cobra Commander in the head before the three of them run off. Yeah, not like tying the man up would be any good or anything.

    Next, we're back at the Baroness' place. Where Grunt offers some help by telling her "her" version of Steeler is dead. What a guy!

    After that (which the Baroness still decides to help them) we cut to Destro, who is quite pleased to see Flint and his group arrive. Instead of killing them, he welcomes them. Flint's surprised, but even more so when the Baroness (along with Steeler and Grunt) so up, announcing that their defection to his side. Grunt also lets it slip that Cobra Commander is planning on getting rid of Destro the first chance he gets. This is enough to send Destro into a hissy fit, so Grunt then stage whispers the plan to Flint. Never minding all the armed guards or anything, he just nods and gives a big thumbs up.

    Next, we go back to the White House, where Lady Jaye and the others have escaped. They rush outside (and there is no security at all) to see the Baroness and Flint atop a HISS Inside, Cobra Commander comes to, and is promptly told that by the Baroness that Destro is plotting an assault on the White House as she speaks.

    Outside, it's reveled that the Baroness is behind it all, as she kicks off "the First Cobra Civil War." The Joes don't seem bothered by this, I mean, wouldn't a full scale military action on the east coast cost civilian lives as well?

    But never mind the implications, as they have to hurry back to the Proving grounds. Why? Because the worm hole back the Joes' home world is still open but it's getting ready to close! Although, why the heck didn't they see that and simply go back? And how would they know that the portal is closing at that exact moment in time?

    As the Joes say their goodbyes, Steeler decides he'd rather stay in this alternate dimension with the Baroness. Now realizing the importance of the Cobra/Joe fight, Steeler figures he could stay there and make a real difference. Yeah...like he couldn't make one back home? Grunt decides to stay there too ("I ain't letting you hog all the glory!", he says. Given the amount of help he has provided so far, I would be weary of letting him help me in anything), along with Clutch, who just wants to rebuild G.I. Joe. Flint just wishes them good luck before he and Lady Jaye jump in.

    Next, we cut to the wrecked bridge in our world, where Duke and Doc (medic) question if they'll ever find their comrades alive. Just then, Flint and the rest pop out of the water!

    Amazed (although not terribly miffed at the lost of Clutch, Grunt, or Steeler), Duke wonders where they were. Lady Jaye simply offers: "A place where brave men are needed...badly!"

    Yeah, I'm sure that answer will satisfy those men's families.

    Also, during many episodes there were often little safety tips that would play after every show. The first one, we see a baseball team playing. A kid, who is dressed rather natty for playing ball, slides headfirst into home as the catcher calls him out. The kid protests, which sets the stage for a bench-clearing brawl as both teams rush from their dugouts. Now, all the other kids are wearing uniforms, but the kid that was called out is wearing what looks like a red sweater over a white dress shirt and khakis. Pretty swanky outfit to go sliding around in the dirt, don't you think? Cutter (WHALE hovercraft pilot) just so happens to wander in and explains the importance of rules to the kids. Why the heck would a hovercraft pilot, in a life jacket no less, be hanging around in a ballpark? But in any event the kids agree that rules are important so they get the big, tall and slightly creepy looking football player to be their umpire. But now they know...and knowing is half the battle!

    This episode is written by Martin Pasko (although I spied both Flint Dille and Steve Gerber in the credits). Pasko has written episodes for "Batman: The Animated Series", the Mr. T cartoon, and "Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm".

    All things considered, this was one of the wackier episodes. Steeler, Grunt, and Clutch would never show up again (except for a blink and you'll miss them cameo in "G.I. Joe: The Movie"), although Grunt can be glimpsed in a later episode of the DiC seasons, so I've been told.

    A perfectly good look down memory lane, and an ode to when cartoons didn’t have to make so much sense.

    Stay cool, cats.moreless
Michael Yama

Michael Yama

voice of Torpedo (W-4 Edward W. Leialoha)

Stan Wojno

Stan Wojno

voice of Lifeline (E-5 Edwin C. Steen)

Dan Gilvezan

Dan Gilvezan

voice of Slip Stream (0-2 Gregory B. Boyajian)

Francois Chau

Francois Chau

voice of Quick-Kick (E-4 MacArthur S. Ito)

Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen

voice of Airborne (E-5 Franklin E. Talltree) / Zandar

Hank Garrett

Hank Garrett

voice of Dial Tone (E-4 Jack S. Morelli)

Gregg Berger

Gregg Berger

voice of Cutter (O-2 Skip Stone) / Rip Cord (E-4 Wallace A. Weems) / Spirit (E-4 Charlie Iron-Knife) / Sparks / Firefly

Recurring Role

Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins

voice of Cobra Commander / Breaker / Gung Ho / Ripper / Steeler / Frostbite/voice of Cobra Officer No. 1

Recurring Role

Keone Young

Keone Young

Storm Shadow

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: Clutch and Footloose's helmets were missing when they were captured with Lady Jaye by Destro. But when Cobra Commander interrogates them in the centrifugal chamber, Footloose is seen with his helmet, as is Clutch when the three Joes are chained up afterward.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Cobra Trooper: (directing a few slaves pulling a heavy cart) Faster, or you'll do without your morning rations!
      Flint: (hiding behind a bush with the other Joes) They're turned the Washington Mall into a slave labor camp.
      Barbecue: Heck of a way to solve unemployment.

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