Giada at Home

Saturday 1:00 PM on Food Network Premiered Oct 18, 2008 In Season





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  • Tired

    Just a meh show with meh recipes and a manic 'chef' who talks too fast and obviously loves herself. At the end of the show when eating with 'friends' she talks over them which also steps up the annoyance factor. I'm a guy and even I'm tired of the cleavage cooking but maybe that's supposed to be the only draw as nothing else is very substantial
  • Put on an apron!! Or become late nite cooking show!!!

    My family loves Italian food but I've no idea what her recipes taste like.. It's the only cooking show I don't let the kids watch.. The boys are to busy "I see her boobies" so it immed became off the list.. If it was on at night then fine, wear your push-up and low cuts, but not afternoon when kids are part of your viewing audience...
  • Her recipes are as tired as her phony Italian accent

    Would this woman be on TV if she wasn't related to famous people? As soon as I hear her whiny voice I run for the remote. She's awful on the Today Show and as mean as a rattlesnake on Food Network Star. Blech, put Sara Moulton back on instead of this creepy celebri-chef.
  • That's all we need

    This woman and especially her voice are so annoying and that fake smile is an instant channel changer for me. If she was on Next Food Network Star I don't think she would make the cut. She's pretty but that's about it. I look at her picture in Playboy before I'd watch her show.