Gideon's Crossing

Season 1 Episode 18

Filaments and Ligatures

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2001 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cherry treats a girl who, due to a terrible accident becomes brain dead. He confronts the parents about taking her off life support, and when they agree, he presents the choice to donate her organs. Although the mother is willing, the father is greatly opposed.

Gideon and other doctors routinely work on the priority list for a liver transplant. Whom will be the number one candidate comes down to Gideon's patient (Black male in 40's, Asian wife, three kids, on list for several years, terminal) and another doctor's patient (Gay white 30-something male, HIV positive, with 2 adoptive kids and partner, terminal). The black man's tumor disqualify him. The gay man is decided to be most elligible.

After pressure from the gay man's doctor, Cherry secretly lets the mother know that only one parent is needed to sign the consent form. She agrees. He is immediately plagued by guilt, and when his girlfriend, Money (Hedy Burress), tries to pragmatize the situation to him, he remarks, "You're condoning this? I'm disgusted with both of us."

Aaron is thrilled to learn that in a week, his father's, Clark, tumor should be gone. Clark (Billy Dee Williams) praises his son for being a "miracle worker" and demands that he stay in medicine. However, another biopsy reveals that his father has another type of cancer, with poor odds of recovery. In a scene that reveals that even Aaron Boise has vulnerability, he begs for hope from Gideon, but knows there's little hope for his father.

Despite Gideon's successful attempt to shrink the black candidate's tumor into eligibility (with chemo), the best he can do is secure him as a back-up. His patient is left disheartened and disappointed.

Sid calls Ollie in the hospital and tells her to go home, because her stalking ex-fiancee is in the hospital. Instead, she confronts her ex, in a dispute that Aaron witnesses. He, with force and threats throws the man out. Then, he tells Ollie that her promiscuity is causing these type of situations. She is offended and leaves.

Money confronts Cherry about his rudeness. In a tense scene, he explains his anguish, and how his job makes him feel like he's on life support, "alive and walking, but not feeling anything." She's not impressed, and invokes her own tough days. When he turns to leave, she gives him an ultimatum not to turn his back on her; he leaves anyway.

Aaron apologizes to Ollie for his presumptuousness earlier. He then confesses his true motive to a stunned Ollie, "I care about you--more than you know."

During the surgery to transplant the tumor in the gay man, the surgeons learn that he has lymphoma, and a liver would be useless. Gideon is forced to call the surgery off, meaning his patient gets the liver. The other doctor is understanding upon his return.

Aaron offers his extra bedroom so that Clark could continue to be treated locally by Gideon. Clark is largely flippant, but touched. Aaron later denies to Gideon that the gesture was one of love.

We see Aaron at home very exhausted mentally and listening to Jazz music. A knock at the door turns out to be Ollie. She simply says, "I heard about your father." He breaks down in her arms.

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