Gideon's Crossing

Season 1 Episode 17


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 12, 2001 on ABC

Episode Recap

In the second part to a crossover with The Practice Ellenor is diagnosed with a disease that complicates pregnancy. She appoints Jimmy as (from The Practice) her baby's guardian and makes Dr. Gideon promise that he will put the baby's life ahead of her own. Legally, this is unethical, and poses problems in the surgery to also remove her rupturing appendix. Her health declines (several seizures), and it doesn't seem that she or the baby will survive. Worse still, due to Ellenor's condition, she will die if they deliver the baby. Pulling at straws, Dr. Gideon prescribes heparin (an act of hope rather than medical evidence). After a long night, Ellenor recovers, and Gideon attibutes it to "dumb luck", but is glad never the less. Throughout the episode we learn that Ellenor and Gideon's wife were best friends, and he offers advice on how to be a single "mom." Cherry gets a young boy patient, an absolute terror, whose multitasking, inattentive, rich, but likable mother brings him in to have his Ritilin dosage increased. Cherry is apprehensive, and the mother leaves (without the boy) in order to go to a community meeting before Cherry has even made up his mind. During the time, the boy and Cherry bond over the game Battleship and chocolate cake. When he gives the boy his "vitamin R" the boy doesn't even recognize it. It dawns on Cherry that the mother is actually taking the ritilin. Upon the mother's return, he offers to set her up with treatment, which she accepts. As the family leaves, the boy turns around and gives Cherry a hug. Very tender scene. Boise is agonizing over his fathers lung cancer. Sid and Gideon try to cheer him up (at different times). Gideon remarks that his father once told him that all men "are either a father or a son...not necessarily in that order." A man "house hunting" visits Sid's and Ollie's apartment by mistake when Sid is home alone one afternoon. We see the man takes one of Ollie's barrettes before he leaves. The next day, Ollie get's a bouquet delivered with the barrette on it. She finally fesses up to Sounding Board Sid that a psycho control freak guy she used to be engaged to is showing up again. Very scary!! Cooper and his maybe soon-to-be ex-wife are spending some time together at the hospital. He is trying to convince her to get a check up and all the conventional medical care. She is more into an all natural pregnancy and delivery (midwife, etc....) This, naturally, leads to conflict. Gideon runs across them and innocently offers a check-up, which she accepts. During an ultrasound, they continue bickering (Wife's explanation to the nurse "We're getting a divorce" Wyatt's reply "We're going through a rough patch"). They are silenced by the news--they are having twins!
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