Gideon's Crossing

Season 1 Episode 20

Heart of Glass

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 09, 2001 on ABC

Episode Recap

We start where we left off, with Gideon getting off the floor. He takes his own blood pressure, collects himself, and goes out as if nothing occurred. The Coopers come in. Wyatt whispers to Cherry that his wife hasn't felt the twins in over 12 hours. Cherry takes her off calmly for a "checkup." Gideon's heartburn and mood are getting worse by the second. He resists Boise's pleas for a check-up for a diagnosis. Boise leaves, but is soon called back by the sound of crashing. He and several others see Gideon passed out, and they work to resuscitate him. To Wyatt's dismay, the OBGYN discovers that one twin is getting too much blood, one not enough. They have three options: to do an amniocentesis, laser surgery to direct blood flow, or...terminate the pregnancy. They decide to go with surgery. Gideon, now very awake, resists all treatment, even a simple heparin drip (a blood thinner). Cabranes and Pirandello insist; Gideon confides he had a bleeding ulcer two years ago and a blood thinner might harm him. They are further hurt and stunned to learn that he seeked treatment at the Brigham across the street and not his hospital, claiming this hospital's doctor (heretofore referred to as Dr. X) was a butcher, and he wanted to avoid political bickering. His hemophiliac patient is steadily declining despite all efforts, and a reaction to Factor 8 is only making the problem worse. Gideon, Ollie and Boise are frustrated, but determined. Gideon zones out while talking to a nurse, and moments later we see him breathing heavy and clutching his chest in a cold sweat. Boise approaches him and begins to check his vitals. Gideon only says, "Check his spleen, he's bled there before," referring to his hemophiliac patient. Boise in awe replys "Solid as a rock." Despite a "textbook" operation, the condition of one of the twins plummets, and the Cooper's wife goes into labor at 25 weeks. Scared and shocked the couple cling to each other for support. With a team of doctors, including Cherry, the big twin is delivered (by C-section) first, and then the smaller one, "a fighter." After 45 minutes of CPR and IV to the larger twin, Cooper in an agonizing decision decides to call it. The other twin is stabilized in NICU. Sid sees Eli sitting near his dad's office. Eli says that he is waiting to have lunch with him. Sid offers to eat with him instead, and during the course of lunch discovers that the schoolmate Eli attacked had said "I screwed your mama." But Eli insists that he can take care of himself, and doesn't need his dad's help. In a conversation with Cabranes, he learns Eli had really run away from home, and his nanny was frantically looking for him. While talking, he fails to notice Eli, peering in his Dad's operating room. He physically whisks Eli away, and starts to call his nanny, but comforts Eli instead. Ollie and Boise are baffled as to how to get the hemophiliacs BP up. In a Hail Mary attempt (without consulting anyone), they flood him with Factor 8 to activate his natural inhibitors. Pirandello confronts Cabranes about why he didn't warn him of Dr. X when he was getting his surgery. He had to have 3 follow-surgeries, and still can't eat strawberries. Cabranes thinks that is funny, so Pirandello punches him. They get into a fight. Everyone sits around waiting for something to happen. Cherry goes to comfort Wyatt in the NICU. Wyatt thanks Cherry for his support, and tells him he named the girl who passed away Lucy, after his wife's grandmother. He then confesses: at first, he didn't want the girls. He pleads for the other one to live. Cherry suggests that Boise, in the spirit of arranged marriages, should force Money to go back out with him. He confesses that Money's optimism irks him. Even so, he still misses her. Sid lets Gideon know that Eli is around, and reassures him that he's taken care of, and will carry a message from Gideon. Ollie and Boise tell Gideon what they have done with his patient and that they are successful. After a terrifying pause he says, "You did exactly what I would have done." They are thrilled--and relieved. Pirandello approaches Gideon one more time about going to Brigham. Gideon says he can't look weak in front of his patients. He says he believes that he didn't choose to be a doctor, this life chose him. When Pirandello objects, he says, "If I thought I chose not to spend time with Julia at the end, not to spend more time with my kids, to die over a patient ordering one more damn test...I think my heart would break." Gideon chokes up, and holds on to Pirandello. The irony is piercing. Ollie and Boise look forward to the end of their shift. Boise offers to take "a pretty girl to dinner." Ollie cheerfully agrees. Cherry goes to the roof to reflect. He is surprised to find Money there as well. After some tense talk, he invokes a saying of Clark Boise, "If you want to get a woman back, you can't ask for forgiveness, you have to make her forget what she has to forgive you for." She invites him to "put [his] money where [his] mouth is." They share a kiss. Gideon emerges from his room to find all the doctors and nurses he works with, and Eli, holding vigil at the nurses station. He ventures to speak several times, but can't. Finally he says, "There are a lot of good doctors at this hospital. Don't let it go to your heads." He then leaves with Eli in hand.
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