Season 1 Episode 1

Dear Diary-Et Al

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 15, 1965 on ABC

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  • This is the pilot episode of Gidget, the house is different.Anne Cooper, Gidgets's sister has dark hair, and the credits erroniously have her brother-in-law John credited as Larry.


    Gidget intoduces herself. A fifteen-and-a-half year old who is in love with two things, Jeff; her Monndoggie, and surfing. She intriduces her family, her Father, Russell Lawrence is an English professor at UCLA. Her sister Anne, who is always worried about her little sister, and brother-in-law John Cooper. Who, in Gidgets opinion "happens to be a A#1 first class nut." The next day, Gidget "embelleshes" her diary entrance. She gets a phone call from Jeff. She's inturrupted by Anne. While in the closet talking to Jeff, Anne reads the diary, panics and runs home to tell John.

    Gidget gets her best friend Larue to drive her to the beach where they see Jeff with another girl. Gidget goes back home and pacifys herself with a platter of bologna and cheese. After Anne and John tell Russell about the diary, he goes upstairs and confronts Gidget. She's infuriated and heartbroken and begins crying. Later on that night, Russell goes back into her room and begs her to stop crying. She tells him she hasn't any more tears left but begins sobbing in his arms. He tells her he didn't read her diary and she knows Anne read it and told him.

    After showing Russell the embellished entry, she's relieved that everything is fine again and is so happy she can't even see cloud nine.