Season 1 Episode 32

Don't Defrost the Alligator

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 21, 1966 on ABC

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  • Don't Defrost The Alligator

    Gidget's neighbor, little Davey Seldon is crying on the sidewalk. Gidget goes to him and he tells her his baby alligator Charlie died. Gidget tells Davey he could get him put in plastic, but they would have to freeze him. Davey tells her they have no big freezer, just the one for the fridge and that one's crammed full. Gidget offers to put Charlie in her freezer. Later on after Russ comes home, Gidget shows him the frozen alligator. A man from a magazine is coming to write an article about teachers and Russell is the featured one. Meanwhile, a man from the department of wild animals comes to the Selden home, Little Davey, scared that the man will take Charlie away, goes and takes his alligator out of the Lawrence home. Meanwhile, as Russell goes to work and Gidget is getting ready for the man from the magazine,Anne comes over and gets a casserole out of the freezer. The man from the division of wild animals comes and Gidget thinks he's the magazine writer. Gidget goes to show him Charlie and sees he's missing, She calls Anne and tells her "You are cooking an Anne bursts into tears, screams and John throws the dish into the garbage disposal. Later on as the man from the magazine is there, the man from the division of wild animals is trying to find another alligator for Davey. Anne and John come over after they get another alligator that's depressed according to John, and they put it in the tub. Anne, is still hysterically crying and Gidget tries to comfort her, She tells Gidget "My tear ducts are out of control!" Davey stands at Gidget's back door with Charlie in a bag, He knocks at the window and asks Gidget "When is the alligator catcher leaving, I ran out of money for ice and Charlie is Gidget, happily tells the crowd that Charlie is still there, John talks the alligator in the tub out of it's depression. That evening, Gidget tells Russell she's happy that the magazine writer understands teenagers and she tells us that life is wonderful.