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  • Don't miss out on some clean fun and laughs with this charming series.

    This wonderful classic TV show about a teenager\\\'s love for the beach, her father and an era of clean classic fun and comedy is one of my all time favorites. This show is such a classic and one of the last series that highlights the fun side of the 1960s era. I think Sally Field played a believable and lovable Gidget and the camera loved her. It\\\'s unfortunate that we were denied a few more seasons of this wonder series. What an awful thing to do to cancel the show right at its prime. I recommend Gidget if you want to see good classic fun where teenagers and people still hung out at the beach, not in front of a computer!
  • The show is about a teenager "Gidget" living with her father (a college professor)and her wacky adventures with her best friend"Larue". Then ther is her sister, Anne and her husband John, a college student, trying make a marriage and going to colle

    I really like this show. Even though I was very young when it first aired on tv. I've come to really enjoy watching the reruns. Sally Field is wonderful as "Gidget" and Don Porter is great as "Professor Russell Lawrence". It's a clean show and a definite classic to all.
  • Gone Before It's Time

    Gidget was based on the movie series with a young Sally Field in the title role. The show has a fun 60's surf setting with Gidget facing the typical teenage troubles of high school and dating. The true heart of the show is the relationship between Gidget and her father. The show only lasted one season, but should have at least garnered a second.
  • Sally Fields first tv show! Look for Pete Duel in a supporting role as the over-protective, psychologist brother-in-law.

    I had heard of the short-lived \"Gidget\" all my life, and assumed it ran for a single season for good reason . . . . .but that assumption was wrong! This series is brilliant! Sally Field and Don Porter have excellent chemistry, and share many touching scenes. Sally Field gives the character unbridled energy. This show packed as much heart, comedy, and character development in 30 short minutes as possible. William Asher\'s direction (I Love Lucy, Bewitched) grounds this show in reality.

    Pete Duel\'s character is also of note. Sexy but nerdy at the same time! Hopefully, this series will be out on DVD soon. It\'s a shame it had such a short run, as it is superior to any other Fields\' sitcom.
  • Gidget in The Netherlands! It blew my mind! As far as I know I still am the only 1 in Holland listening to that name. But I was told that my mum gave me name from another movie. Is that possible?

    When I was a little girl, we suddenly had skytelevision in Holland (Rotterdam). One time I was watching this new channel and jumped out of my seat ... I HEARD MY NAME!! ... Yes! I\'m sure they are saying my name! ... I was extatic, because I\'ve never heard my name in the Netherlands and now it was on tv! And so I watched the show every airing. I was very dissapointed when sky was no longer on air because I couldn\'t watch my favourite show. Sally Field was adorable to look at and I\'ve enjoyed her adventures very much ... I guess since then I developed a passion for surfing ... which I still have not learned to do.