Season 1 Episode 3

The Great Kahuna

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 29, 1965 on ABC



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    • Gidget: How can you win? You thump your way up to the top of the biggest mountain and ipso cripso, there's a bigger one laughing in your face. But still, I think I agree with Plato. Life is a gas.

    • Gidget: Holy minestrone!

    • John: Just answer yes or no. Does it ever happen that your mouth goes suddenly very dry, then just as suddenly very moist and then dry again?
      Gidget: Yes.
      John: On what occasions?
      Gidget: That's two questions.
      John: Please! I must have an answer. When does this happen?
      Gidget: Whenever I have graham crackers and a glass of milk.

    • Gidget: Hi, John. What's new in Kooksburg?

    • (after Kahuna kissed Gidget)
      Gidget (narrating): And suddenly I knew how fabulous the world looks when you're floating in outer space.

    • (talking about Kahuna after Gidget gave him Larue's drink)
      Larue: That was a dinghy move.
      Gidget: He remembered my name!
      Larue: What'd he say?
      Gidget: He said, "Thanks, Gidget."
      Larue: It doesn't rock me. But it's polite.
      Gidget: Oh, very. And he wants to see me again in ten minutes.
      Larue: Ten minutes! Now that's something else. What do you suppose for?
      Gidget: To pick up the empty bottle.

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