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  • Just when you think you know what this series would be like, think again.

    I saw a review about this series and it described the cringe-worthy antics of five men who work as male escorts in Las Vegas, Nevada. I just had to see it.

    The reason I watched this show was entirely due to the review I read on this site about it...a new reality Tv series with semi naked men and sex scenes. A twist on the age old look at prostitution, but finally from the men's perspective. It's facinating in a car-crash kind of way. It helps as well that the men in it are mostly attractive. I say mostly because the vain and shallow views of a few made them kind of ick in my eyes. Anyone who thinks that the life of a male prostitute would be something men would be so adept at has to see this show. No matter what they say to the camera, the real feelings they harbor about this job come through, and you get to see just how bizarre this life is. How do you keep a girlfriend? What happens when you get older and your still in the game? How do they handle the truely weird and freaky requests of the women they service? What kind of jaded image is it giving them about women in general?

    Just when you think you have these guys figured out, something else happens that has you shaking your head. This isn't award winning it's not going to hit the top ten no matter how they market it, but there's something about it that you can't turn away from.