Gigolos - Season 3

Thursday 11:00 PM on Showtime Premiered Apr 07, 2011 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Lock, Stock & Two Swollen Testicles
  • Episode 10
    Episode 10
  • 10/25/12
  • A Decent Proposal
    Episode 8
  • Black C. Down
    Black C. Down
    Episode 7
    Vin gets upset after a client refuses to hire the gigolo because he is not black enough, prompting Gary to employ another player. The move sends the group into a discussion on race relations. Later, Steven tries to quit smoking, and Brace bets a thousand dollars that he can't go without a cigarette for a week.moreless
  • Spanks a Lot
    Episode 6
    Spanks a Lot from the third season of the Showtime reality show Gigolos sends the men of the Cowboys 4 Angels escort service back to class. Ash has to take a class in domination skills to keep a client satisfied, which leads to all the other men getting their kinky skills in shape.moreless
  • Courtesan Session
    Episode 5
    Courtesan Session from the third season of the Showtime reality show Gigolos gives the male escorts of the Cowboys 4 Angels agency a chance to see the world of prostitution from the female perspective. Vin meets two female escorts while performing for a couple. The threesome meets afterwards to share stories about an escort's life.moreless
  • Grin & Bear It
    Episode 4
    "Grin & Bear It" from the third season of the Showtime reality show Gigolos follows the male escorts of the Cowboys4 Angels service. Brace vows revenge on Nick after a back injury. Vin gets sent to help a recently divorced woman back into fun in the bedroom, mean while Steven must master swing sex to satisfy a client.moreless
  • Ride Her, Cowboy
    Episode 3
    On "Ride Her, Cowboy" from the Showtime reality series "Gigolos," Garren, the manager of the Cowboys 4 Angels escort service, sends his crew to compete with one another at a dude ranch to win a date with a rodeo champion. Meanwhile, Ash meets a new client at a restaurant who likes to who likes to publicly display her affection.moreless
  • 9/6/12
    "Searching for a Fire Power" from season three of the Showtime reality show "Gigolos," follows real-life escorts in Las Vegas. Newcomer Ash goes on a date with a fire dancer who invites him to try her dangerous performance much to Brace's concern. Meanwhile, Nick visits a client with creepy crawlers.
  • 8/30/12
    Vin meets with an event promoter which results in him testing a new sex toy that vibrates and goes missing in the middle of the action. Brace gets a spray tan from an expert who makes him a deal for sex favors. Jimmy tells Garren his new girlfriend wants him to leave the agency. Steven's works for a children's party organiser with a liking for clowns. Garren brings a new gigolo to the agency whose name is Ash.moreless