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Gilgamesh is a beautifully drawn anime based off the ancient Mesopotamian myth of Gilgamesh. It is set in the not-so distant future where the sky instead of being blue is covered by a great mirror. This change was due to the result of a great terrorist attack that happened by a terrorist that went by the name of Enkidu. The tale follows a young brother and sister Tatsuya and Kiyoko who as we learn later are the children of Enkidu one born before the mirror and one after. They are living on the streets and when we first meet them they are being chased by debt collecting thugs. They get out of this trouble however and are brought into an even greater danger the fight against the Gilgamesh which are inhuman creatures that were released by Enkidu at the time the mirror was being created and they have special powers called dynamis. Those who Tatsuya and Kikyoko and fighting with are children born after the mirror that also have dynamis. More mystery ensues as this 26 episode series goes on involving Enkidu, the myth of Gilgamesh and even human cloning.


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Futuristic, Anime