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Gilgamesh is a beautifully drawn anime based off the ancient Mesopotamian myth of Gilgamesh. It is set in the not-so distant future where the sky instead of being blue is covered by a great mirror. This change was due to the result of a great terrorist attack that happened by a terrorist that went by the name of Enkidu. The tale follows a young brother and sister Tatsuya and Kiyoko who as we learn later are the children of Enkidu one born before the mirror and one after. They are living on the streets and when we first meet them they are being chased by debt collecting thugs. They get out of this trouble however and are brought into an even greater danger the fight against the Gilgamesh which are inhuman creatures that were released by Enkidu at the time the mirror was being created and they have special powers called dynamis. Those who Tatsuya and Kikyoko and fighting with are children born after the mirror that also have dynamis. More mystery ensues as this 26 episode series goes on involving Enkidu, the myth of Gilgamesh and even human cloning.

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  • Amazing

    Dark , Deep , and Awesome .... 3 words for this show. It did start kinda slow and at first seemed some what dull turned out to be addictive and wonderful. The music was ok both opening and closing themes and the art was good. however the finale was so .... how to put it sad to say the least but on the other hand happy. I wasn't sure who was right or wrong in the show i sided with the gilgamesh children mostly . They were all to human but to a higher standard and i would recomend this anime to anyone who would listen.moreless
  • Gilgamesh....absolutly fabulous

    Gilagamesh as a whole is an amazing and amazingly addicting show to watch. The characters and I will not hesitate to say this a beautifully drawn and the males are hot. The gilgamesh all dressing in skin tight body suits is definatly a plus. It makes me sad that this show is so overlooked as just another gothic anime. It is not original persay being the fact that it is based off an ancient myth but, it is an interesting watch. As, the original Gilgamesh is an interesting read. I do enjoy the fact the the slogan for this show is "Who's side are you on?". It, in a way, makes you as a viewer feel that you are involved although you really have no contorl over the side you like in this show. my personal views frqunetly switched from Orga to Gilgamesh never staying on one for long. All in all Gilgamesh is an amazing series to watch.moreless
  • An anime without hardly any redeeming qualities.

    Each episode leaves you wanting more, though by the end you find what a waste of time it all was. Ignoring the bad looking faces, the horrible facial expressions, the robotic movements, the repetitive music, and slowly dolled out story, you are left with an ending similar to Evangelion that left me wanting to punch a hole in the screen. It leaves the viewer frustrated and unappreciated.
  • Underrated and a masterpiece.

    A dark and apocalyptic anime with a lot of emotion.

    it has a great stracture as well as storyline. after completed fullmetal alchemists i was looking

    for something simiar thats when i gave gilgamesh a try. i saw it a long time ago on the the rockworld channel but

    never gave it a thought that was because i didn't understand

    both the storyline and the structure but after watchin it fully i

    must say is a master piece and forever it will be. we all know is takes more than action to make a good anime and this

    show has everything that is needed and more for a great and addictive

    anime. you feel the characters when watching it, it goes from a simple

    animaton character to living being in the sense that the music and the

    tone of vioce sets the mood as well as well as bringing it to life.

    Gilgamesh does not have a typical anime plot which is good guys vs bad guys.

    but this show is much more than that and the question of whos the good guys and the bad guys are tossed around so much that

    you will need o answer it yourself.

    At a certain point the ending becomes obvious but as you will know from the previous eps. Gilgamesh can surprise you.

    it is a great anime and i will recommend it for more experienced anime fans.moreless
  • Beautifully drawn, eerie and strange anime based on an ancient Babylonian myth.

    This anime series is set in a world transformed by violence and disaster. A terrorist named Enkidu unleashed an attack that transformed the sky into a mirror. Two young people, fleeing extortionists who threatened their mother, stumble into a shadowy lair filled with relics of monsters -- and inhabited by an equally strange pair of keepers. Are these new guardians friend or foe? With nowhere else to hide, the children are forced to accept the hospitality of the two minders. Who's on their side, and what will become of the children in this world where safety is but a dream?

    I loved the fluid style of the art. I would have liked to see a little variation in the color scheme. Yes, it's a dystopia of the future, but why does this have to mean we can't see anything? Parents should be aware this show is much too intense and gloomy for young children. For those who are looking for a drama that combines ancient mythology with modern technology and mystery, this will be a series with much promise.moreless
  • Orga or Gilgamesh?
    I was just wondering and please forgive the cheezyness of the quote "Who's side are you on?" I truely an curious as to who likes w...
  • Is he from this show? said he might be.
  • Kiyoko
    Personally i've never liked Kiyoko one bit. I would like to know your opinion of her. Is she an annoying little prick or is she co...

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