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Gilligan's Island centered around a group of people who were stranded on an uncharted deserted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. They all were on a boat tour, which found itself in the middle of a storm leading them to crash on an island! Those stranded include, Gilligan, the Skipper, a millionaire (Thurston Howell III) and his wife (Lovey Howell), a movie star (Ginger Grant), a professor (known as "The Professor"), and Mary Ann. Gilligan was the first mate on the boat, the SS Minnow. Most episodes dealt with the castaways trying to get off the island, but their attempts seemed to always be foiled by Gilligan. Broadcast History- Sept 1964-Sept 1965, CBS Sat 8:30-9:00 Sept 1965-Sept 1966, CBS Thurs 8:00-8:30 Sept 1966-Sept 1967, CBS Mon 7:30-8:00
Bob Denver

Bob Denver


Alan Hale

Alan Hale

Skipper Jonas Grumby

Jim Backus

Jim Backus

Thurston Howell III

Russell Johnson

Russell Johnson

Professor Roy Hinkley, Jr.

Natalie Schafer

Natalie Schafer

Eunice Wentworth 'Lovey' Howell

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells

Mary Ann Summers

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  • Like Lost, only more believable.

    One reviewer compared "Gilligan's Island" favorably to "Lost". I concur. "Lost" is exciting, and I don't knock it, but they're always at each other's throats. "Gilligan" shows us that decent people marooned on a desert island can basically get along. They had their "Lost moments", but they respected each other enough to make up. This was elucidated so well in the Christmas episode by the Skipper/Santa Claus. This all despite the fact they were so diverse.

    Like another, less fondly remembered 1960s sitcom, it is not the "Citizen Kane" of TV sitcoms, but it might be the Abbott and Costello of sitcoms (their movie Buck Privates destroyed Citizen Kane at the box office). It should be judged by A&C's standards, not Orson Welles'. You can appreciate it better if you don't take it too seriously, people! As has been noted on this site, "Gilligan" would have been renewed for a fourth season, as was expected, until CBS chairman William Paley intervened to save his favorite program, Gunsmoke, from imminent cancellation. Gunsmoke was falling in the ratings and seemed past its prime, while "Gilligan", which ran on a different night in each of its three seasons, was a consistent ratings winner, besting competition such as ABC's "The Donna Reed Show" and "The Lawrence Welk Show", and NBC's "Kentucky Jones" (Dennis Weaver quit "Gunsmoke" to star in that show) "Daniel Boone", and "The Monkees". But Mr. Paley spoke, Gunsmoke was moved to Monday nights, and instead of moving "Gilligan" yet again, it was sent packing. One consolation is that it has become one of the most successful rerun syndicated programs of all time. I doubt that Paley regretted letting "Gilligan" die, since "Gunsmoke" did bounce back in the ratings, but it was a scandal to treat such a beloved ratings winner as "Gilligan" so disrespectfully. Kennedy-era FCC chairman Newton Minow ("Gilligan" creator Sherwood Schwartz named the S.S. Minnow as a swipe at him) once called television a "vast wasteland". If TV was a vast wasteland in the 60s, in the 2000s it is a toxic waste dump, IMHO.moreless
  • Great!...

    This show is a true classic. I have seen only the first 1/4 of it, and im already hooked! This is a great show about 5 people who go on a tour of what i think is Hawaii in a two manned ship called the Minnow. They run into a storm, and get stranded on a deserted island. The charectors are First mate Gilligan, Skipper, the millionair ( or Billionair sometimes), his wife, The Professer, Mary-anne, and Ginger the movie star. My favorite scene is the one where Gilligan ( dressed as a Marubi ) jumps out and scares everybody!moreless
  • a really good classic show

    gilligans island was a really good show that was about these people that get stranded on the island and come up with ways to get off the island like making radio coconuts and wocky takies out of coconuts and other useful things and it features giliagan who usully messes things up for them it also has a beatiful model on the island and a man and his wife well two couples and they try depratly to get off each ep. the show was a classic and i really enjoyed it even though i was not born in the 60s i saw all the eps on the network tv land and grew up with the reapeats of the show in the 90s.moreless
  • Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, the tale of a fateful trip. Skipper Jonas Grumby and his mate Gilligan take five passengers on a three hour boat tour, but that tour lasts a lot longer than anybody could have anticipated.moreless

    I think it's safe to say that many people who have watched episodes of "Gilligan's Island" over the years have always asked a lot of questions such as "Why did the Howells bring so much luggage for a three hour tour?" or "The castaways can build a lie detector, so why can't they build a boat to leave the island?". While these may be valisd questions, one thing that can also be said is that "Gilligan's Island" is a very entertaining and just plain fun show to watch. The cast does a great job in their respective roles. Fun show.moreless
  • R.I.P.

    Russell Johnson, Gilligan's Island's Professor, Is Dead at 89

    The man who played the coconut-radio-making icon has passed away.


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      Rest in Peace Russell Johnson aka The Professor.
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      Sherwood Schwartz passed away today at the the age of 94. He was a prolific writer and producer and is best known as the creator o...
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