Gilligan's Island

Season 3 Episode 14

All About Eva

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 12, 1966 on CBS

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    An evil Twin episode-overdone as before it was with Gillgian and Mr Howell. Just to silly to beleive that the imposter would be accepted as the missing Ginger {Just as everyone would beleive the imposter was Mr Howell} again running out of material!
  • My Fair Lady Gilligan's Island style

    This fast-pace episode is a centerpiece for Tina Louise. She plays Eva Grubb who leaves civilization because she can't get a boyfriend. the castaways get together to gibe her a complete home makeover and guess what!. She's a twin to Ginger, down to her mole. All this attention gets to her and on the night of the going away party, she konks Ginger on the head and plans to go back to the mainland as Ginger Grant. The night of the party she goes back and forth and back and forth at a maddening pace. Finally, Eva is caught, but still goes through with her plan to becaome the "new Ginger Grant" Needless to say, the 7 are stranded again.