Gilligan's Island

Season 1 Episode 11

Angel on the Island

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 12, 1964 on CBS

Episode Recap

Gilligan and Skipper try out the Professor's newest invention, a coconut phone. Mary Ann interrupts because she's worried about Ginger. No one has seen her because she wasn't at breakfast. Skipper sets up a search party to find her. He also suggests that he and Gilligan split up to cover more territory. Being literal minded Gilligan thinks he means break up their relationship. When Gilligan calls out he finds a parrot who copies what he says. He then finds Ginger. She's sad because that night she's supposed to star in a play but she's stuck on the island.

Mary Ann brings food to Ginger but she won't eat. Gilligan starts reading the play to the Skipper. Thurston comes running because he thinks there's a mutiny on the island. Gilligan suggests that Thurston be the backer of the play so that Ginger can be a star. Thurston agrees.

thurston's busy rewriting the play while Lovey tries to type on a typewriter. Ginger's rehearsing her lines while Gilligan gets excited that "she's seen a ship" only to find out that it's lines from the play. She's the star in her role as Cleopatra. The Professor is painting scenery with paint made from jungle berries and water. Mary Ann's the costume designer. As they start a dress rehearsal Lovey is terrible as the maid. She uses her marriage to the director/backer as her way to be Cleopatra. Thurston changes the casting. But Ginger runs off even more upset.

Gilligan does a horrible job trying to cheer up Ginger. When he tries to talk to the Skipper about it, he gets waved away. Skipper goes on stage only to forget his lines because Gilligan is bothering him. Trying to help the with play, Gilligan runs into the Skipper with a ladder when he's ready to make his entrance.

At the Howell's hut, Thurston is busy telling Lovey how good her performance was in rehearsal. Gilligan talks to Lovey in hopes that Ginger will get her starring role back. Lovey tries to say something but she's lost her voice. Gilligan suggests to Thurston that he use Ginger in Lovey's place.

On opening night the Howells are the only audience. Gilligan has to go quick changes because he is playing so many different roles. When the Skipper makes his entrance he toga is ripped off leaving him in his underwear. Lovey says bravo at the end of the play, proving that she didn't lose her voice after all.

The Skipper while looking for Gilligan gets caught in the clothesline. He's wants Gilligan's honest opinion about his acting but Gilligan is afraid to say. But the parrot he found earlier says "terrible, terrible" and also repeats that Gilligan taught the parrot that phrase.