Gilligan's Island

Season 1 Episode 11

Angel on the Island

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 12, 1964 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Lovey: Even Ginger, whom I replaced in the part, paid me a compliment. She compared me to a famous television personality.
      Thurston: Oh good.
      Lovey: By the way, who is Mr. Ed?
      Thurston: I haven't any idea. I wonder why she didn't compare you to Mrs. Ed.

    • Gilligan: Gee Professor, you're doing a real neat job.
      Professor: Thanks, Gilligan. These jungle berries mixed with water make excellent paint.
      Gilligan: In case the play's a flop, we always can eat the scenery.

    • Gilligan: Mr. Howell, maybe you could back this play.
      Thurston: Me?
      Gilligan: Sure Mr. Howell. We can try it out here and if it's good we can take it to Broadway.
      Thurston: Well I don't know.
      Skipper: Why don't you do it Mr. Howell? It'll be a lot of prestige.
      Thurston: I've got prestige.
      Gilligan: If it's a hit, you can make a million dollars.
      Thurston: I've got a million dollars.
      Gilligan: If it's a flop, you can deduct it from your income tax.
      Thurston: Now you're talking!

    • Thurston: (about show business) It's the only business where you can be a devil when you're an angel.

    • Thurston: There's one thing I can't stand, is a mutiny before lunch.

    • Mary Ann: Gilligan, Skipper, have you seen Ginger? She's been gone all morning.
      Skipper: No, I haven't. She wasn't at breakfast.
      Mary Ann: Oh I'm awfully worried about her. She's been acting so funny lately.
      Gilligan: You mean funny, funny, or funny, strange?
      Mary Ann: Funny strange.

  • Notes

    • Theme of episode: Compassion is an individual trait, the exclusive property of neither the poor nor the wealthy.

    • The word "angel" is used in the title as Broadway jargon. In show business terms an angel means the financial backer of a show, usually someone with pockets deep enough to cover all monetary expenses thereby guaranteeing the show will open.

  • Allusions

    • Mister Ed: Mrs. Howell said the other castaways compared her to Mister Ed. Mister Ed, of course, is the talking horse on the show of the same name.

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