Gilligan's Island

Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 09, 1967 on CBS

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  • Skipper attempts suicide when the radio says that the Meritime board's decided the wreck was his fault. To prove it's not, the castaways reenact the wreck, and discover it's GILLIGAN'S fault, surprise! The guiltwracked firstmate then tries to kill himself

    Gilligan's Island is possibly the only show that can make suicide seem funny. As a lover of angst, I obviously was delighted to find that this ep. was on my DVD set!
    The show NEVER lets Gilligan vent, even though he's got to feel guilty for all the things he's screwed up. Nice to see him (almost) act on it for once; makes the show a bit more believable.
    Also, I liked the part where Gilligan was explaining to Ginger about what would happen to the Skipper, and then later in the reenactment when the Skipper tells him the course heading(or something - I am NOT a sailor)and he actually sets it, quite easily. Nice to hear him sound like a bit of an expert on something.
    The part where Ginger and Mary Anne were trying to stop the Skipper from going over the cliff was a nice reminder that the castaways all care about each other - I especially liked it when Mary Anne pretty much tackled him and shouted, "I'm going with you!" It was just funny, for some reason; maybe because it was so abrupt.
    I LOVED Gilligan's dream sequence, where Professor, Thurston, and Skipper were pirates - I was surprised by the Professor's voice. I've never heard Russell Johnson voice anyone else before. Plus the whole scene was just flat-out funny!
    All in all, a wonderful episode!