Gilligan's Island

Season 2 Episode 24

Feed the Kitty

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 03, 1966 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Lovey: Thurston, darling, don't you think a circus is rather provincial?
      Thurston: On the contrary we'll play, before the crowned heads of Europe, my dear.
      Lovey: Oh if that's the case, then I want to be in the show myself. Well darling, what are you doing with my eyebrow pencil?
      Thurston: (with a pencil mustache) I am making myself dashing and debonair. How is that?
      Ginger: Oh Mr. Howell, you look dashing and debonair.
      Thurston: You look "d" and "d" yourself.
      Ginger: It's my new high-wire outfit. Do you like it?
      Thurston: It packs plenty of voltage.
      Lovey: I think it's rather shocking myself.
      Ginger: I guess I'd better go practice. I've gotta lose part of my wiggle so I can stay on that tightrope.