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    I met Bob Denver, Russell Johnson, & Dawn Wells back in the mid 1990's when all three of them were on a "three hour tour" together promoting their respective books they had recently written pertaining to the show. Dawn was very pleasant and friendly, even willing to take photos with people who were there to get their books autographed. Russell seemed to be going with the flow, while Bob really didn't seem like he was having too much fun doing it. I think Bob always looked down on the show after it went off the air because he got typecast as a result of the Gilligan character, not to mention that the cast didn't make any money from the endless reruns the show got due to syndication. They only got paid residual royalties on the first few rerun cycles because of the contract they all signed in the 1960's. Any time you see the show on TV today, none of the actors or their estates get a single dime from its airing. With the advent of DVD, a different medium that of course didn't exist when the show was on the air, I wonder if they now might see some $$$ from the show's now almost 45 year existence.

    On a sidenote, I went to the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO in the mid 1980's, and was surprised to learn that Dawn Wells attended Stephens College, which is also located in Columbia. Of course, she attended it many years before that.

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