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    In at least two episodes Gilligan is scapegoated for goofing up which he didn't. In the island is sinking Gilligan accidently moved a measuring stick. Did it occur to the Professor that it might have been moved all he had to do was to make sure it was in the same position. Then it was the telephone cable. All Gilligan did was he was protecting the cable from the weather.
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    He also got smacked in "The Pigeon", when, really, it was the prisoner's untimely release that ruined their chance to get off the island. Sure, Gilligan did flub up the attempts to distract the giant spider away from the cage, but, really, he didn't have anything to do with the plan's failure. And why get it drunk? Couldn't the Professor just make a batch of poison to kill it? Plus that spider looked pretty hokey and those scenes seemed almost an afterthought to pad a thin script. Tina Louise may have been right in saying the show ruined her career.
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