Gilligan's Island

Season 2 Episode 27

Ghost a Go-Go

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 24, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Gilligan meets up with the Ghost in the jungle, look closely and you can see the sneakers of the actor that plays the ghost.

  • Quotes

    • Gilligan: I don't see anything. Do you?
      Skipper: No. You know why you don't?
      Gilligan: No. Why?
      Skipper: Because you got a sheet over your head.

    • Skipper: I can't seem to find a coconut that's big enough for my cap.
      Gilligan: You should've gone to the other side of the island and got a jumbo-sized one.
      Skipper: I don't think that's very funny.
      Gilligan: All I meant is that you're a big guy and you've got a big head.
      Skipper: Gilligan.
      Gilligan: And a big heart.

    • Skipper: What's taking everybody so long?
      Gilligan: Maybe nobody wants to leave.
      Skipper: Well of course, everybody's anxious to leave, Gilligan.
      Gilligan: I'm not.
      Skipper: Well certainly, everybody wants to get back to civilization.
      Gilligan: I had fun here.
      Skipper: But Gilligan, there'll be people on the streets.
      Gilligan: Pushing and shoving.
      Skipper: And restaurants.
      Gilligan: Waiting for a table.
      Skipper: Who cares about money?
      Thurston: Wait a minute. Who said a dirty word? "Who cares about money?"

    • Skipper: Gilligan, we've got everything we need. Food, water, compass. Everything to help us sail home.
      Gilligan: Yeah, after all this time on the island, it'll feel good to be on dry land again.
      Skipper: Yes. Gilligan, this is dry land.
      Gilligan: Yeah, but it's surrounded by wet.

    • Skipper puts on a sheet pretending to be a ghost.
      Skipper: Hello, Gilligan.
      Gilligan: Hi, Skipper.
      Skipper: Gilligan, how does it feel to be cured? You walked right into the front of a ghost, and you weren't even scared.
      Gilligan: I knew you weren't a ghost. A ghost doesn't wear a sheet stamped S.S. Minnow.

    • Skipper: What time did you say this was, Professor?
      Professor: Shortly after 11:00.
      Skipper: Well then it couldn't have been Gilligan or me, 'cause we were both sounds asleep.
      Professor: Both of you?
      Skipper: Well yes.
      Professor: Well then Skipper, if you were asleep, how could you know that Gilligan was?
      Skipper: Because he told me when he woke up.
      Professor: Well if Gilligan was asleep, how could he know that you were?
      Skipper: Because I….Yes. Something I can't stand is logic.

    • Ginger: Mary Ann, did you see the magazine I was reading last night?
      Mary Ann: Yeah, I thought you left it on the table.
      Ginger: I thought so, too.
      Gilligan: Maybe it's under the table?
      Ginger: Couldn't be.
      Gilligan: Why not?
      Ginger: The table's gone, too.
      Gilligan: That's why not, all right.
      Mary Ann: Ginger, I think Gilligan knows something.
      Gilligan: I don't know anything about anything. (he leaves)
      Mary Ann: That's strange.
      Ginger: That's strange. For Gilligan, not to know anything about anything is perfectly normal.

    • Gilligan is hiding in a closet.
      Skipper: Come on, Gilligan. We both have things to do.
      Gilligan: Please Skipper, don't make me come out.
      Skipper: Gilligan, I've told you. There are no ghosts. Now come on outside. We've both got important things to do.
      Gilligan: Skipper, can't we both do them without me?
      Skipper: No, Gilligan. Just come outside and I'll prove that there was no ghost.
      Gilligan: well I'll prove there was.
      Skipper: Would you mind telling me what you're doing?
      Gilligan: Looking for the ghost's footprints.
      Skipper: Oh, Gilligan. I just got through telling you there's no such thing as ghosts.
      Gilligan: But, Skipper.
      Skipper: There never has been, there never will be. And another thing, they don't leave footprints.
      Gilligan: Oh maybe he left some fingerprints.
      Skipper: Will you stop that? For goodness' sake, you're gonna have everybody around here scared to death.
      Gilligan: Skipper, what I saw last night was a ghost.
      Skipper: How can you be so sure?
      Gilligan: I've seen a lot of ghost movies. I never forget a face.
      Skipper: Look Gilligan, I'm gonna get some fresh water for the hut. Why don't you go out and get some firewood?
      Gilligan: What if I meet the ghost?
      Skipper: Well then he can help you carry the wood.

    • Gilligan: I just saw a ghost out there.
      Skipper: Oh for goodness' sake, Gilligan, you didn't wake me up out of a sound sleep to tell me about your nightmare?
      Gilligan: No, no, no. I saw a real live ghost out there.
      Skipper: Gilligan, people are alive, ghosts are dead.
      Gilligan: Then I saw a real dead ghost, and he ran that way.
      Skipper: If he was dead, how come he was running that way?

    • (The boat containing the dummies has just exploded)
      Professor: Whoever did this thinks we are dead, right? All right, we'll be dead.
      Gilligan: Oh no, not again. We just got finished being blown all to pieces.

    • (The boat with the castaway's dummies aboard is heading out to sea)
      Professor: There it goes.
      Gilligan: Yeah.
      Skipper: If anything should happen, it should happen soon.
      Gilligan: Yeah.
      Professor: Shhh. Should be along any minute.
      Gilligan: Yeah.
      Skipper: Gilligan, can't you ever say "no"?
      Gilligan: Yeah.
      Mr. Howell: Doesn't look like anything's going to happen.
      Gilligan: Yeah. No.
      (The boat explodes)

    • Gilligan: Are you a good ghost or a bad-bad ghost?
      Ghost: Good ghost.
      Gilligan: Why do you scare people?
      Ghost: Because people scare me.

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