Gilligan's Island

Season 2 Episode 13

Gilligan Gets Bugged

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 16, 1965 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Professor: About all we can do is to watch [Gilligan] for symptoms.
      Skipper: Symptoms?
      Professor: Yes, the classic symptoms are aches and pains in the joints.
      Skipper: Aches and pains.
      Professor: Complete loss of appetite.
      Skipper: Complete loss of appetite.
      Professor: And a severe case of itching.
      Skipper: And a severe case of itching. At least I know what to look for now. Pains in his appetite, loss of joints, and an ache in his itching. Oh Professor, I'm so upset, I don't know what I'm saying.