Gilligan's Island

Season 2 Episode 10

Hi-Fi Gilligan

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Nov 25, 1965 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Skipper: Professor, I don't see how a smack in the jaw could turn him into a radio.
      Professor: He's not a radio, Skipper. He's merely a simple form of receiver. You see, the high-frequency sound waves are emanating from the molar, which is-
      Skipper: Never mind all the technicalities, Professor. The thing I'm getting at is, I've been belted many times before but the only thing that ever came out of my mouth was a loose tooth.
      Professor: From what I've been able to see, one of Gilligan's molars has been jolted out of position and shoved against a tooth with a silver filling. Open, Gilligan.
      Gilligan: (out of his open mouth) This is station KALU, Honolulu. The voice of….
      Professor: Close. Not too unusual a situation. It's happened a number of times.
      Skipper: Yes, but not to Gilligan.
      Professor: Well the atmospheric conditions, the metal in his mouth, the shape of his skull, have all combined to make him a receiver.
      Skipper: Is there any chance, Professor, instead of being a receiver could we make him a sender so we could get a message to Hawaii?
      Professor: I'm afraid not, Skipper. And unless I miss my guess the position of his head and body will bring in different stations.

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