Gilligan's Island

Season 3 Episode 7

Man With a Net

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 24, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Real swallowtail butterflies usually have yellow and black colors on them, and long "tails" on their hind wings. However, the butterfly puppet used to depict the Pussycat Swallowtail looks nothing like one; instead it resembles a generic orange butterfly.

    • When the butterfly is in the jar, you can see a string coming from the jar to move the butterfly.

  • Quotes

    • (Gilligan and the Skipper have just tried painting what appears to be a Pussycat Swallowtail butterfly and successfully fool Lord Beasley into thinking it's the real thing, until a thunderstorm hits...)
      Lord Beasley: The rain seems to have turned your "butterfly" into a large white moth!
      (We see that the "Pussycat Swallowtail" is indeed really a white injured-looking moth.)
      Lord Beasley: Well?
      Skipper: Well, if there's anything I can't stand it's a butterfly that won't hold it's colors.
      Gilligan: Maybe it turned white because it was sick!
      Lord Beasley: Gentlemen, consider yourselves fortunate! In England I would have had you JAILED for butterfly forgery! (storms out)
      Gilligan: Lord Beasley...
      Lord Beasley slams the door into Gilligan, whacking the paint palette into Gilligan's face, making him look like a clown.

    • Lord Beasley Waterford: That's the trouble with you Americans. You simply don't know how to hold your tea!

  • Notes

    • In this episode, Lord Beasley has a rather large map of the entire island that can clearly be seen. On the west side of the island is the large mountain referred to in this episode. On the south end is the lagoon and all the beaches are marked. The island is actually quite small, if Beasley's map is correct.

    • Theme of episode: Once again, the Castaways learn the truth of Shakespeare's words, as they are "hoist with their petard."

  • Allusions

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