Gilligan's Island

Season 2 Episode 16

Not Guilty

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 06, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The Skipper and Gilligan find out about the murder from a page from a newspaper that was used as wrapping paper, but the back side of the newspaper has no text of any kind on it.

    • The radio announcer is Al Schottelkotte from WCPO.  Schottelkotte was the news anchor for WCPO TV, at the time the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, from 1959 to 1986.

    • Considering the fact that all five of the passengers knew the victim, were very connected to the victim in some way, and went to see him on the same night, it's amazing that none of them knew any of the other four passengers before their boat tour, the next day.

  • Quotes

    • Thurston: Do you have a dime, Lovey?
      Lovey: Don't be ridiculous. Of course I haven't got a dime.
      Thurston: Very well, then. I shall use the phone in one of our cars.

    • Skipper: Shall we start working back on the case again.
      Gilligan: Yeah Skipper, I've been giving it a lot of thought.
      Skipper: Me, too.
      Gilligan: It seems to me the obvious suspect is still the butler.
      Skipper: Gilligan, how many times must I tell you, there is no butler on this island?
      Gilligan: Upstairs maid?
      Skipper: How could there be an upstairs maid when we don't have any upstairs?
      Gilligan: I guess I'll just have to cross her out.

    • Skipper: We have three suspects. We know the Howells are completely innocent.
      Gilligan: That's one nice thing about being rich. The only thing you'd be guilty of is having money.
      Skipper: That's right. And another thing is….Wait a minute, Gilligan. How do we know that the Howells are all that rich?
      Gilligan: they had a whole trunk full of money. They showed it to us.
      Skipper: But how do we know that they didn't steal it?
      Gilligan: Skipper, when you're as rich as the Howells, you don't have to steal.

    • Skipper: What's happened in every murder case that you ever read about?
      Gilligan: Somebody gets killed.
      Skipper: Right. Gilligan, I give up.
      Gilligan: Don't worry, Skipper. I have a few ideas. What we have to look for is the most innocent-looking person. And that person will be guilty.
      Skipper: The most innocent-looking person?
      Gilligan: Yeah.
      Skipper: And which one of us might that be?
      Gilligan: It's the Professor, naturally. He's the most innocent-looking person, so he's got to be guilty.
      Skipper: The Professor wouldn't kill a fly, Gilligan.
      Gilligan: Yeah he's saving up his strength to kill people.

    • Gilligan: Skipper, I got it. I know who did the murder.
      Skipper: You know who….Who did it?
      Gilligan: The butler.
      Skipper: Gilligan, we don't have a butler.
      Gilligan: I used to watch everything on TV, and it was always the butler.
      Skipper: Gilligan, we don't have a butler.

    • Gilligan: ...and, how about Ginger, and Mary Ann, they say they're girls, but how do we know it
      Skipper: I think you better see your eye doctor.

    • Skipper: Gilligan, you're being ridiculous.
      Gilligan: Don't forget, Skipper. Before we went on this voyage, we didn't know any of these people.
      Skipper: You're right! What do we really know about any of them?

    • Gilligan: Skipper, it's pretty hard to think logically when your head's rolling around in a basket...What about the girls with their poisonous soup? When I go, I want the flowers on the outside, not on the inside.

    • Skipper: In all the mystery books you've read, what always happens?
      Gilligan: Somebody gets killed.

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