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  • Like Lost, only more believable.

    One reviewer compared "Gilligan's Island" favorably to "Lost". I concur. "Lost" is exciting, and I don't knock it, but they're always at each other's throats. "Gilligan" shows us that decent people marooned on a desert island can basically get along. They had their "Lost moments", but they respected each other enough to make up. This was elucidated so well in the Christmas episode by the Skipper/Santa Claus. This all despite the fact they were so diverse.

    Like another, less fondly remembered 1960s sitcom, it is not the "Citizen Kane" of TV sitcoms, but it might be the Abbott and Costello of sitcoms (their movie Buck Privates destroyed Citizen Kane at the box office). It should be judged by A&C's standards, not Orson Welles'. You can appreciate it better if you don't take it too seriously, people! As has been noted on this site, "Gilligan" would have been renewed for a fourth season, as was expected, until CBS chairman William Paley intervened to save his favorite program, Gunsmoke, from imminent cancellation. Gunsmoke was falling in the ratings and seemed past its prime, while "Gilligan", which ran on a different night in each of its three seasons, was a consistent ratings winner, besting competition such as ABC's "The Donna Reed Show" and "The Lawrence Welk Show", and NBC's "Kentucky Jones" (Dennis Weaver quit "Gunsmoke" to star in that show) "Daniel Boone", and "The Monkees". But Mr. Paley spoke, Gunsmoke was moved to Monday nights, and instead of moving "Gilligan" yet again, it was sent packing. One consolation is that it has become one of the most successful rerun syndicated programs of all time. I doubt that Paley regretted letting "Gilligan" die, since "Gunsmoke" did bounce back in the ratings, but it was a scandal to treat such a beloved ratings winner as "Gilligan" so disrespectfully. Kennedy-era FCC chairman Newton Minow ("Gilligan" creator Sherwood Schwartz named the S.S. Minnow as a swipe at him) once called television a "vast wasteland". If TV was a vast wasteland in the 60s, in the 2000s it is a toxic waste dump, IMHO.
  • Great!...

    This show is a true classic. I have seen only the first 1/4 of it, and im already hooked! This is a great show about 5 people who go on a tour of what i think is Hawaii in a two manned ship called the Minnow. They run into a storm, and get stranded on a deserted island. The charectors are First mate Gilligan, Skipper, the millionair ( or Billionair sometimes), his wife, The Professer, Mary-anne, and Ginger the movie star. My favorite scene is the one where Gilligan ( dressed as a Marubi ) jumps out and scares everybody!
  • a really good classic show

    gilligans island was a really good show that was about these people that get stranded on the island and come up with ways to get off the island like making radio coconuts and wocky takies out of coconuts and other useful things and it features giliagan who usully messes things up for them it also has a beatiful model on the island and a man and his wife well two couples and they try depratly to get off each ep. the show was a classic and i really enjoyed it even though i was not born in the 60s i saw all the eps on the network tv land and grew up with the reapeats of the show in the 90s.
  • Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, the tale of a fateful trip. Skipper Jonas Grumby and his mate Gilligan take five passengers on a three hour boat tour, but that tour lasts a lot longer than anybody could have anticipated.

    I think it's safe to say that many people who have watched episodes of "Gilligan's Island" over the years have always asked a lot of questions such as "Why did the Howells bring so much luggage for a three hour tour?" or "The castaways can build a lie detector, so why can't they build a boat to leave the island?". While these may be valisd questions, one thing that can also be said is that "Gilligan's Island" is a very entertaining and just plain fun show to watch. The cast does a great job in their respective roles. Fun show.
  • Here on Gilligan Isle. Lets sit back with our seven favorite castaways and see the adventures they have while never succeeding in leaving home sweet home

    How many times can I say I love this show? This is a truly great one. Its so much fun watching how these seven people learn to get along with each other as they try and thanks to little buddy gilligan fail. Its great fun. I also love that it has morals about honesty, greed and other things (sort of like a grown up Barney) This show can be shown to kids cause it contains no bad language and only slapstick comedy violence. Its great fun for all. Not much for the castaways though. I truly love this show so much thanks Castaways for failing to get rescued but never failing to keep me amused.
  • Ginger or Maryann? A question that has haunted man since the series debut. The show kept us laughing at the bungling Gilligan(Bob Denver)and his continual blunders that left him and his fellow castaways stranded for 3 seasons and 98 episodes.

    Gilligan's Island was one of those shows where you were just purely entertained. We did not watch the show for its' riveting bylines or story plot, we simply watched for entertainment's sake. The showed lasted for 3 seasons with 98 episodes produced and it generated 3 made for T.V. sequals. The cast consisted of Bob Denver as Gilligan, Alan Hale Jr. as the Skipper, Tina Louise as Ginger Grant "The Movie Star", Dawn Wells as Maryann, Russel Johnson as the Professor, Jim Backus as Mr. Howell, and Natalie Schafer as Mrs. Howell. We also watched to see how many different things could be made from coconuts.
  • Gilligan's Island was an awsome tv show. It is sad there were only three seasons!

    Gilligan's Island is, in my opinion, one of the best television series of the Nineteen Sixties. It was a very humorous series and it always made me laugh. It will always be one of my favorite television series. Gilligan was always my favorite character. His comebacks were wonderful and hilarious. His actions were always so FUNNY!!! Bob Denver was definately a great actor. No one could have played Gilligan better than he did. It was always so funny to see their plans to get rescued go up in smoke week after week... after week. Gilligan's Island will always be an iconic series in television history!
  • Philosophy 101 and Gilligan's Island

    Being shipwrecked on a deserted island with a bunch of strangers hardly sounds like a funny situation, but Gilligan is no ordinary guy. Through his childlike simplicity, he touches the lives of each castaway in a way that brings humor to a desperate existence.

    There are a lot of great things to be philosophical about from Gilligan's Island. We could put together an "Everything I need to know for life I learned from Gillian's Island" list. We learn not to take ourselves too seriously. We learn to give others the benefit of a doubt. We learn to think the best of those around us. We learn that everyone has an important contribution to make. We learn to laugh at ourselves and encourage those who are hurting. The list could go on and on. In short, we need more "Gilligans" in the world today. May their tribe increase.
  • The writers did quite a bit with the limit of a deserted island. I loved the humor and the clean fun of this show. The cast worked well together and make the show enjoyable for children and adults alike.

    I grew up watching Gilligans Island with my brothers. The show is very entertaining and fun in a silly sort of way. I loved the original cast and felt they had great chemistry. The show was dropped unexpectantly. Don't know the reason for that. I think the cast could have continued with this show for many more seasons. I do wish the show was accessible on re-runs though. I have a satellite and cannot pick up old episodes of the show. I did always wonder why the Professor could rig up so many interesting devices with local produce (coconuts, bananas, etc.) but couldn't ever find a way to get the boat repaired so they could leave the island. And, why did they all have so much luggage, clothes, etc. when they were only going on a "three hour tour"? Ah, those were the days............
  • Love it

    I used to watch this every single day when I was little. When it would come on I would turn up the television really loud so my family would know it was on, and we would all watch it. The only episode I never saw was the vampire bat on, because my parents always flipped to another channel, because we were 7 and 3, and really wimpy kids. I miss this show, and I wish I knew where it came on television. It was my favorite show back then, and I want to see even one more episode. Cute, funny show. Loved it! :)
  • One of my family's favorites!

    My dad used to watch this show with his siblings every day when he got back from school. When this show premiered on Nick-at-Nite when I was about 6 or 7, I started watching it with my siblings and we also liked it! And when I had just finished 6th grade, we bought the 2nd Season of this show on DVD and we liked it a lot! My favorite episode of the series is probably the one where Gilligan got bit by that yellow-and-green bug (Gilligan Gets Bugged). If not, probably the 2nd to last episode with the exploding clay. Anyway, I wish this show were still on the air, at least on TV Land. I would watch it all the time! Good thing we have the entire series on DVD (including the first movie).
  • Better than Lost.

    Gilligan's Island is intelligent when compared to Lost. On Episode One of Gilligan's Island, the castaways secure water and a food supply while developing plans to get rescued. Then they explore the Island and use the Minnow as a temporary shelter.

    In Lost, the characters run around like chickens and randomly go in and out of the forest to be attacked by 'something not in the special effect budget.'

    In episode 2 of Gilligan's Island the castaways build more permanent dwellings, begin storing supplies and water, and realize that their greatest resource is each other. Lost still hasn't attmpted to aid would-be rescuers, nor build shelters, nor explore the perifery of the island, nor secure food or water, and are at best suspicious of each other.

    Heck early on in Gilligan's Island the professor teaches the castaways first aide. On Lost, the doctor is the sole bastion of medical knowledge to create drama through the threat of the possability of losing the doctor. The devices of drama used in Lost are transparent and I quickly grew tired of the way the show piled on the mystery and drama without resolving anything. Also, the characters in Gilligan's Island are just plain nice.
  • One of my favoites.

    Gilligan's Island is an American TV sitcom originally produced by United Artists Television. It aired for three seasons on the CBS network from September 26, 1964 to September 4, 1967. It was sponsored by Philip Morris & Company and Procter & Gamble. The show followed the comic adventures of seven castaways, a representative microcosm of white American society, as they attempted to escape from a previously uninhabited island where they were shipwrecked and stranded.Gilligan's Island ran for a total of 98 episodes. The first 36 episodes in season one were filmed and shown in black-and-white with the remaining 62 episodes throughout the next two seasons and three TV movie sequels filmed in color. Enjoying solid ratings during its original run, the show grew enormously in popularity during decades of syndication.
  • This show is just flat out funny! Yet I haven't seen this show in a long time... But, it was good while it lasted.

    This show is about how boat crashes during a hurricane and the crew has to live on this island for a long time. Each of the episodes are about how the crew tries to make a plan to get off the island. The planes never work though. Gilligan is always getting in trouble for not doing anything right. The Skip always gets mad because, he gets stuck with Gilligan every time. Also on the island is a model a rich man and his wife and a scientist. The scientist always tries to find away to get off the island with his technological ideas, none of them ever work. Just flat out funny and must see.
  • the weather started geting rough the tiny ship was tossed if not for the fearless crew the minnow would be lost the minnow would be lost the ship sunk ground on the shore of an unchartered desert ile.

    this is completely hillarious gilligan is so stupid and the skipper is always hiting him with his hat the skipper is also the strong one mr howel has a lot of money and si always saying that teh howels are better than everyone also everyone cares about money and si tring to bribe headhunters
    mrs howel is mr howels wife she of course isn't the sharpest tool in the shed ginger is a movie star that is always hiting on everyone to get her way mary ann lived on a farm and is also the smallest person on the island
  • this one of my most favorite show ever.

    Oh, just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fatefull trip, which started at this tropic port aboard this tiny ship. The mate was was mighty sailing man the skipper brave and sure, the passenger set sail that day on a three hour tour, a three hour tour.
    The weather started getting rough the tiny ship was tossed if it wasn't the couage of the fearless crew the minnow would be lost, the minnow would be lost.
    The ship set ground on a uncharted desert aile, with Gilligan, The Skipper too, The Millionare, and his Wife, The Movie Star, The Professor, and Mary-Ann.
    Here on Gilligan's Aile.

    I loved this show when it was on TV Land and even when it was on Hallmark channel, but now I have all three season's on DVD, so i'm not complaining.

    My most favorite episode is the one where Gilligan is fishing and he catches a WW II mine, and the most funninset thing Mr. Howell says, when he's stuck to the mine.
    Skipper: Mr. Howell try and pull yourself away from the mine but gently.
    Mr. Howell: I can't.
  • "Now this is the story of our castaways, they're here for a long long time". "They'll have to make the best of things, it's an uphill climb". Those were the days and what a crack-up of a theme song?

    They're such great characters on this retro fun-fest, with the canned laughter just as funny as the story lines. I used to rush home from school every weekday to see if this time they'd actually make it off that Island. With my innocent youth now far behind me, I still even now I still think it rates as one of the funniest TV series of all time. Characters you actually cared about and a show so wonderfully vaudeville that a treatment of any of todays digital effects would have just lessened the side splitting joy I get seeing it done so crudely. Nothing like seeing the tropics in black & white. Love this classic!
  • As a kid I liked the show - good empty headed nonsensical fun.

    After all those years on the Island I wonder if Maryann and the Professor ever, ya know, do it? What about Ginger and the Professor? Was there a love triangle there that was never explored? I know the Howells were pretty much dried up old husks by the time they reached the Island so we know there probably wasnt much going on since those bamboo hut walls wouldve given them away.

    And what about Gilligan? Did he ever score? I know some people think when Skipper called Gilligan "his little buddy" it was more than just a platonic relationship. At first I dismissed this entirely, but then again you just never know - look at Grey's Anatomy.

    Now if Gilligan had just found that darn hatch and hadnt lost that lottery ticket with the numbers 4-8-15-16-23-42 on it.... or perhaps he did.... "Gilligan: The Untold Story of the Founding of the Dharma Initiative"
  • Gilligan's Island tought peopple. Seven different people stranded on an uncharted island with no way of getting off had to learn to live with each other, understand each other, and most important they learned how to put up with different kinds of people.

    Gilligan\\\'s Island was a funny show. There was always something going on, on that crazy island. This was a great show that was produced by a great producer, Sherwood Schwartz. He took an idea and made it into Gilligan\\\'s Island. Just one idea became a hit TV show. Gilligan\\\'s Island lasted 3 great years in the 60\\\'s. Sherwood Schwartz then made The Real Gilligan\\\'s Island, with realy million aiers. The Real Gilligan\\\'s Island didn\\\'t last to long on air. While some people loved the idea of The Real Gilligan\\\'S Island more people didn\\\'t like it. It was finialy taken off the air in 2004.
  • I loved this show as kid. i used to watch it everyday on channel 19 in cincinnati.

    how to review a pop culture icon? i won't even try. i will simply write about the hours of entertainment this show gave me when i was a kid. i loved this show when i was little and never missed its afternoon airings. the sheer and total silliness of it always put me in a good mood. now that i am grown up i will catch it in reruns whenever i can. i am giving serious thought to getting the dvds for sheer nostalgia sake. i often think that tv would be a little grayer and little more bland if not for the ridiculous exploits of gilligan and company
  • One of my favorite classic comedy shows.

    Gilligan's Island is a great comedy.Some of the humor is pretty simple,and at times out to lunch.Gilligan being the funniest one on the island.Gilligan is the island's stupid one.Like all classic comedys theres always a stupid one that makes the show funny.I believe the show was made with a few thousand dollars,cause alot of the backgrounds,and in show things look like there pretty well out of the dallor store or something.However,with that said that doesn't make the show any better or any worst,cause the storys and the humor over write the little flaws in the show.Its a great classic that should never to canceled.
  • Gilligans Island is a series about a group of tourists who get stranded on a beautiful tropical island and their many attempts to escape this paradise. Gilligan was the first-mate of the ship-wrecked tour boat.

    When Gilligans Island first aired, it was a terrific change of pace for TV-land audiences; the show features a slice of life cast in an amazing setting. The show always began with a short little title ditty about how it was supposed to be just a three hour tour and then the tour boat got tossed around in a sudden storm and now they\'re all shipwrecked on a tropical island. The charactures are as follow:
    The Skipper
    Gilligan the First Mate
    Mr Thurston Howell
    Mrs Lovey Howell
    Ginger the Movie Star
    Mary Ann The Professor
    These folks hail from all walks of life and previously completely different social classes. Now that they must work together to survive and or escape from this desert isle, the walls are really broken down in more ways than one. This series teaches tolerance and keeps us laughing the whole ride long.
  • Why Gilligan's Island Appeals To The kid In All of Us

    While this show was on, the TV Executives did everything they could to kill this show that everyone loved. They moved it all over the schedule to no avail, but the fans faithfully followed it. It finally took one dreadful mistake to drag Gunsmoke on for a little while longer to finally kill the show. Since then, the show has become a cult hit; now what does that tell you ? That fans really do love the cartoony characters as they learn life's little foibles and lessons the hard way. Gilligan has since become the patron god for all guys with a Peter Pan complex who strive to hold on to their youth, and Skipper Jonas Grumby has become the boss or parent we would all prefer as he hands out chores and punishments with a smile on his face and laughter in his heart. Thurston and Lovee Howell have since become the first images we think of when we picture wealth, prosperity and happiness, and Professor Roy Hinkley is the teacher we would all want who knows his facts and figures and the calmness to explain them. He is criticized for not being able to build a boat, but how many boats do we know he may have tried repeatedly times between episodes ? The show was also made special by the beautiful visages of Ginger Grant and Mary Anne Sommers. Although Ginger probably intimidated a lot more guys than she claims to have dated, I think it was Mary Anne with her quiet innocence and girl-next-door attraction that made her the odds on favorite "babe" of the show. The series itself was excellant escapist fun that didn't need to be analyzed. It was created to entertain, and it did that wonderfully well.
  • This is such a great show!

    I miss Gilligan's Island. It's never on anymore and I wish that one of the channels would bring it back. The last time I saw this show was at least five years ago. I love how every time they are about to getoff the Island, Gilligan ruins it. I'm still trying to figure out how Gilligan was able to fly like that on that one episode. All the characters are great and I don't understand the show sometimes because it is silly, but still very fun to watch. Everyone in my family loves Gilligan's Island. Honestly, someone shou;d bring it back!
  • It\'s not real

    This show is terrible in my opinion. I liked it up until i found out that it was not shot on a real island. Unlike modern shows this show just has a backdrop to make it seem like they are shipwrecked that got me angry. I say that we should all boycott the show so they stop running the reruns. I have nothing else to say about this hideous disgusting misleading show!
  • A group of people end up stranded on an Island with no communication whatsoever.

    I wish Gilligan’s Island never left television. I love how Gilligan always tried to help the Skipper out or when he’d do his own little things, he always end up messing something up. How they both slept in a hammock gave me a longing feeling for sleeping in one every night. Those things look really comfortable. Gilligan’s Island is a show that will remain in television history for years to come. Other may try, but it can never be duplicated. We will never forget the silliness of Gilligan, or the persistence and knowledge from the Skipper. Or perhaps the nifty inventions created by the Professor or the charming cuteness of Mary Ann. I know I’ll never forget the materialism of both the movie star and the millionaires. A Memorable show that is worth more than a thousand words or maybe more.
  • Oh Gilligan

    Its year3 of a 3 hour tour and that means the end of civilization as we know it or at least the end of the serioes that wend on to unending success in repeat viewings across the generations. Join the fun as Gilligan dreams hes dracula, the group puts on Hamlet mary ann insists shes Ginger and Gilligan becomes Mrs. Howells fairy godfather. Enjoy these hijinks and more in 30 episodes that helped make us all what we are today, a bunch of nuts.
  • Gilligan's Island was an American TV sitcom which aired on CBS from September 26 1964 to September 4 1967 for 98 episodes. The first 36 episodes were filmed in black-and-white; the remaining 62 episodes and the three sequels were filmed in color. <

    Gilligan, of the show's title, was the hapless first mate of the S.S. Minnow. Other characters are the Skipper (referred to as Jonas Grumby in the first broadcast episode), the Professor (referred to twice as Roy Hinkley), the millionaire Thurston J. Howell III and his wife Eunice, nicknamed Lovey, movie star Ginger Grant, and Kansas farm girl Mary Ann Summers.

    Bob Denver was not the first choice to play Gilligan. Actor Jerry Van Dyke was offered the role, but he turned it down, believing that the show would never make it. He choose instead to play the lead in "My Mother, the Car". The producers then looked to the lovable beatnik, Maynard G. Krebbs from the The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Denver embraced the role.

    Alan Hale, Jr. both embodied and relished the role of the Skipper. A long time actor in B-westerns, Hale so loved his role as the Skipper, that long after the show was off the air, he would still appear in character in his Hollywood restaurant.

    Jim Backus was well known by the time he took the role of the Millionaire, Thurston Howell, III. He was perhaps best known as the voice of the cartoon character Mr. Magoo. He used some of the voice inflections and mannerisms of Magoo in the role of the Millionaire. He was well known for his ad-libs on the set.

    Natalie Schafer had it written into her contract that there were to be NO close-ups of her during filming. This was perhaps due to her advanced age. She was 62 when the pilot was shot. Reportedly, no one on the set or in the cast knew her real age, and she refused to divulge that information. Originally she only accepted the role because the pilot was filmed on location in Hawaii, and she looked at the job as nothing more than a free vacation as she was convinced that a show this silly would never get on the air.

    Tina Louise, as the character of Ginger Grant, created a version of the quintessential Hollywood star and even her name, an amalgam of Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant, was a homage to Hollywood's past. When regular shooting began, Tina Louise clashed with producers, because she believed she was the main focus of the show, despite it being titled "Gilligan's Island". In addition, her character was originally written as a sarcastic and sharp-tongued temptress but Louise argued that this type of character was too extreme and refused to play it as written. A compromise was reached and Louise agreed to play her as a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. The evening gowns and hair style used was designed to recreate the look of Myrna Loy. Louise continued to clash with producers and was the only cast member who refused to return for any of the TV movies that followed the series cancellation, saying that the role had destroyed her career as a serious actress. However after the series ended she did appear in a reunion of the series cast on a late night TV talk show.

    Dawn Wells was a former Miss Nevada when she auditioned for the role of Mary Ann. Her competition included Raquel Welch. She was part of the replacement cast that was hired after the pilot was shot and the network wanted the roles of the professor and the 2 girls recast.

    Russell Johnson took over the role of the Professor from John Gabriel. The network thought Gabriel looked too young to have all the degrees attributed to the professor. Ironically the Professor was in reality just a high-school science teacher, not a University professor.

    Charles Maxwell was the uncredited voice of the "Radio Announcer", whose plot-advancing radio bulletins were eagerly tuned in to by the castaways in many episodes.

  • a show that makes you ask more questions when the show is over.

    why would the Howels bring all there money? why would they be on a small boat when they had like house boats bigger than the buildings? why did they bring brandy and another expense drinks? why did ginger bring millions of outfits then skiper and gillan almost lived on the boat and only had the cloths on their backs? can the perfessor know a little about everything? what was a kansas girl doing at the ocean? how come the huts looking huge on the inside but, tiny on the outside? how could radio waves come clearly to the island and one doesn't work just out on your back porch?

    this is to name a few. and the quessing is why it's a classic.
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