Gilligan's Island

CBS (ended 1967)





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  • Better than Lost.

    Gilligan's Island is intelligent when compared to Lost. On Episode One of Gilligan's Island, the castaways secure water and a food supply while developing plans to get rescued. Then they explore the Island and use the Minnow as a temporary shelter.

    In Lost, the characters run around like chickens and randomly go in and out of the forest to be attacked by 'something not in the special effect budget.'

    In episode 2 of Gilligan's Island the castaways build more permanent dwellings, begin storing supplies and water, and realize that their greatest resource is each other. Lost still hasn't attmpted to aid would-be rescuers, nor build shelters, nor explore the perifery of the island, nor secure food or water, and are at best suspicious of each other.

    Heck early on in Gilligan's Island the professor teaches the castaways first aide. On Lost, the doctor is the sole bastion of medical knowledge to create drama through the threat of the possability of losing the doctor. The devices of drama used in Lost are transparent and I quickly grew tired of the way the show piled on the mystery and drama without resolving anything. Also, the characters in Gilligan's Island are just plain nice.