Gilligan's Island

Season 3 Episode 16

Take a Dare

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Jan 02, 1967 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A radio contestant must survive on the island for a week if he wants to collect the $10,000 prize. But since he must do it without any help, he resists the castaways' pleas to help get them rescued.

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  • Barclay Bastard!

    When I watched that episode I wanted to beat Barclay to a bloody pulp! He stole stuff from the castaways to survive which means cheating! Because that counts as having help from other people which is against the rules. Then, when he believed the money that Mr. Howell offered was fake, he's is a born idiot! How does he think Mr. Howell made fake money on a deserted island!

    Then when they heard over the radio that his $10,000 was hidden in a secret compartment of the shortwave radio, he was pretty much stuck. He could tell them that he lost the transmitter on the island and they'd tell him that they'll just take him back and look for it because I doubt they'll give him another $10,000. If they go back to the island, they'll discover the castaways and discover that Barclay was lying which would give Barclay a bad reputation for trying to scheme people out of $10,000. Barclay could go back to the island himself to look for the money but he knows he's not a favorite person on that island. I'm sure he knows if he goes back, the castaways will kill him! So Barclay has to put up with getting nothing which is what he deserved!moreless
Bob Denver

Bob Denver


Jim Backus

Jim Backus

Thurston Howell III

Tina Louise

Tina Louise

Ginger Grant

Alan Hale

Alan Hale

Jonas Grumby (The Skipper)

Natalie Schafer

Natalie Schafer

Eunice Wentworth 'Lovey' Howell

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells

Mary Ann Summers

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Mr. Howell offered Barkley a single $10,000 bill and later found the $10,000 bill from the radio. Bills larger than $100 were removed from circulation in 1969 by presidential order, since they allowed the easy transport of large sums of money by criminal organizations.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Radio Announcer: Now, he must exist with nothing but the clothes on his back and without help from anyone. Would you take that dare? Think of it! $10,000!
      Gilligan: I'm thinking of it. It's making me sick.
      Skipper: Why? Because this fellow's gonna get $10,000?
      Gilligan: Yeah. And I'm doing it for nothin'!

    • Mr. Howell: Pick up two pails of fish? A Howell???
      Skipper: Well, somebody took 'em.
      Mr. Howell: Perhaps a pail of diamonds.
      Mrs. Howell: Perhaps a pail of goldfish?
      Mr. Howell: (laughing) Gold! Lovey, you made a witty one!

    • Professor: Mr. Barclay's attitude is quite simple to understand.
      Mr. Howell: I don't understand it.
      Professor: Well, it's based on money.
      Mr. Howell: I understand.

    • Mary Ann : Gilligan, I think you're a little confused.
      Gilligan: No, I'm not. If the man can stay on the deserted fish for a week, he gets 10,000 pails.

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