Gilligan's Island

Season 2 Episode 11

The Chain of Command

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 02, 1965 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Skipper worries that something is going to happen to him.

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    Bob Denver

    Bob Denver


    Jim Backus

    Jim Backus

    Thurston Howell III

    Tina Louise

    Tina Louise

    Ginger Grant

    Alan Hale

    Alan Hale

    Jonas Grumby (The Skipper)

    Natalie Schafer

    Natalie Schafer

    Eunice Wentworth 'Lovey' Howell

    Dawn Wells

    Dawn Wells

    Mary Ann Summers

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Toward the end of this episode, while leading the other castaways in a march toward a cliff, Gilligan is wearing the Skipper's hat. In the next scene, after he has fallen off the cliff, Gilligan is shown hanging from a limb wearing his white hat. The scene is copied from the episode "Agonized Labor" which aired 3 weeks prior to this one.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Ginger: Captain. May I volunteer?
        Gilligan: A woman's place is in her hut.
        Ginger: I bet It'd be a very good spy.
        Gilligan: I'm sorry. I issued my orders.
        Ginger: Oh come on, Gilligan, you're not being fair.
        Gilligan: All's fair in war and love. Or, all's love in fair and war.

      • Thurston: Are you through playing with your boats in the bathtub?
        Professor: Please, Mr. Howell, this is very important. It's a scientific approach to the problem.
        Thurston: Scientific approach? I tell you, that egghead wasn't born, he was hatched!
        Professor: Now, see here, Mr. Howell, I do not have-
        Gilligan: What about the Skipper?
        Thurston: The Skipper? Oh yes. Once I get this on a business-like basis, we'll find him at once.
        Professor: We are not forming a corporation.
        Thurston: And we are not forming an FBI of the South Sea Islands.
        Professor: I will not be intimidated by your wealth.
        Thurston: I will not be intimidated by your intellectual propaganda.
        Professor: I wish you would listen to someone else for a change. You're always so positive!
        Thurston: That is not true! I'm positive that I'm not always positive.

      • Thurston: What do we do now?
        Gilligan: Don't worry, Mr. Howell. The Skipper felt this was gonna happen. He trained me to take over.
        Professor: I'll handle this, Gilligan. After all I am a professor.
        Thurston: No, I'll take over. I've handled major corporations for years and done rather well, if I say so myself.
        Gilligan: Wait a minute. I've been trained to take over.
        Professor: Well I think we must examine all the evidence very carefully before we jump to conclusions.
        Gilligan: But, Professor-
        Thurston: No buts, Gilligan! We have to investigate at once!
        Professor: Absolutely.

      • Skipper: I want to talk with you. That's it. You know, I've been thinking a lot about you lately. As a matter of fact, I made a decision of great importance.
        Gilligan: About what?
        Skipper: Well the fact is, Gilligan, if anything happened to me there's only one logical replacement, and that's you.
        Gilligan: Yeah, I thought you might say…Me? Oh this is my first promotion since grammar school.

      • Lovey: Are you absolutely certain that we're going to be captured, Thurston?
        Thurston: Yes, my dear. It's terribly distressing. I just don't know what to wear to a capture, that's all.
        Lovey: Well I don't think beige would clash with those grass skirts the natives always wear. I do think chiffon's terribly chic for a capture, don't you, darling?
        Thurston: No, my dear. I'm not too sure about chiffon. I mean, to a garden party, yes.
        Lovey: Oh chiffon will take you everywhere.
        Thurston: Now do you think these Oxford shirts are too informal? I mean, I could wear them with-
        Lovey: We must be sure not to upset them, dear. They might get nasty and drop us into one of those pots of boiling water.
        Thurston: Well in that case, drip-dry.

      • Gilligan: Hey, Skipper. Skipper, look at this new longbow I invented.
        Skipper: Gilligan, didn't anybody ever tell you not to point?
        Gilligan: I thought that meant just for fingers.

      • Skipper: Gilligan, I could have been killed by that tree.
        Gilligan: Well I shouted to you and you said, "Don't bother me."
        Skipper: Well but you ever see that I'm about to be killed again it's okay to bother me. All right?
        Gilligan: Yeah, it would have been rotten for all of us if you'd been killed.
        Skipper: It wouldn't have been exactly fun and games for me, either.
        Gilligan: Think of it. All of us here without a skipper.
        Skipper: Wait a minute. Who would have replaced me?
        Gilligan: What do you mean?
        Skipper: With all these cannibals here and everything. Why, the first they'd do is kill their leader. Who'd be at the helm if I weren't here?
        Gilligan: I guess we'd be just lost.

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