Gilligan's Island

Season 3 Episode 11

The Invasion

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Nov 21, 1966 on CBS

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    On Syndication the part at the end where Gillgian says in his dream the brief case blows up before it falls into enemy hands; then then it is thrown into the lagoon and blows up-this part was not shown.
  • While fishing off the lagoon, the Skipper reels in a government briefcase labeled "Top Secret." The castaways are dying to learn the contents of the briefcase, but the Professor, fearing a compromise of national security, forbids it.

    In interviews over the years, cast members of "Gilligan's Island" have said that their favorite episodes are ones that have dream sequences. This episode is, in my opinion, not only the best episode with a dream sequence, but the best episode of "Gilligan's Island" ever. Each cast member gives their best performances of the series both as their regular chatacters and in Gilligan's dream sequence. As both Mr. Howell and as Mr. Evil in Gilligan's dream the late Jim Backus has never been better. Russell Johnson also gives his best performance as well. An episode that's no doubt worth viewing.