Gilligan's Island

Season 1 Episode 25

The Matchmaker

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 20, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lovey is sad because she's missing so many society events. She even ponders matchmaking a couple on the island so that she can throw a wedding. She sees Gilligan carry Mary Ann back to camp because she hurt her foot. She decides that Mary Ann and Gilligan are going to be her couple to work on. She convinces Thurston to help bring Mary Ann and Gilligan together as a couple. Thurston talks to Gilligan about the benefits of marriage. While Lovey is sewing she talks to Mary Ann about marriage too and also mentions Gilligan. Mary Ann receives flowers from Gilligan leading her to think he might like her. Ginger gives Mary Ann and Gilligan some advice but it's over Gilligan's head.

Gilligan cleans up for dinner at the Howells. He says he's going because it's a thank you for helping Lovey deliver flowers to Mary Ann with no card attached. Skipper explains that Mary Ann probably likes him because he delivered the flowers. Gilligan also mentions that Ginger has a crush on him.

At the Howell's hut Gilligan and Mary Ann arrive for dinner. The Howells dim the lights and leave them alone to chat on the pretense that they are getting a bottle of champagne. Mary Ann and Gilligan talk about the misunderstanding with the flowers. The Howells watch them from a window. Lovey mentions that the reason she invited Gilligan and Mary Ann over is because her and Thurston are celebrating the night that Thurston proposed to her. In talking about that night they qucikly get in a fight over disagreeing details and bad habits. They even stop speaking to each other.

Thurston moves in with the boys and Lovey moves in with the girls. Over lunch the rest of the castaways take sides in the Howell fight. Skipper tries to stop everyone. He wants Gilligan to explain how this problem started. They decide to recreate the night that the Thurston proposed. Ginger is the entertainer, Skipper is the cook, Professor is the emcee, Mary Ann is an assitant, and Gilligan is the waiter.

At the runthrough Gilligan dumps soup while he's trying to serve it. When the Howells arrive they are unhappy that they have to eat together. Ginger sings seductively. Lovey wants Thurston to hold her hand. Thurston buys Lovey a corsage. While Gilligan is trying to deliver the soup to the table he has to dodge Ginger while she's hula dancing. He doesn't spill the soup on the Howells, he spills it on the Skipper. The Howells are back together.

Lovey thinks of matchmaking Ginger and the Professor when she sees them walking together. Thurston flatly refuses to help.