Gilligan's Island

Season 1 Episode 13

Three Million Dollars More or Less

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Dec 26, 1964 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Gilligan is playing double-or-nothing each putt, but there's no way to get to $3,000,000 from $0.25!

    • In Episode 8 the Professor was STILL trying to fix the boat. What happened? Gilligan's glue ruined the boat. So the nails that were in the boat they took out to reuse.

    • In this episode when Ginger seduces gilligan he talks about her dress ( the white one that says ss minnow)as being new when its been used in many episodes before this one.

    • In the beging Gilligan is driving nails with a hammer, but in episode #8 Goodbye Island the Proffessor can't make nails because he can't get the right formula.

  • Quotes

    • Gilligan: New dress?
      Ginger: Like it? I made it out of your duffel bag. I hope you don't mind.
      Gilligan: No, my duffel never looked so good.

    • Gilligan: What good is having money if you can't do something nice for your friends?

    • Thurston: My boy do you know anything about oil?
      Gilligan: No, but I worked in a gas station once.
      Thurston: The American Way: from grease monkey to president of an oil company. Just show you what a man can do if he has a little drive.
      Gilligan: He can do pretty good if he knows how to putt, too.

    • Thurston: First of all you have to list all your dependents. Do you have a wife or children?
      Gilligan: No, but I got a father about five minutes ago.

    • Thurston: [The check's] made out. But first of all, you have to fill out an income tax form.
      Gilligan: Income tax form.
      Thurston: Yes. I didn't know what your salary was and I was afraid that $3 million might kick you into a higher income bracket.

    • Professor: Why I'd love to have seen the look on Mr. Howell's face when you won all that money from him last night.
      Gilligan: So would I but it was too dark.

    • Thurston: Yes, I couldn't agree with you more. Come on, Gilligan, putt.
      Skipper: Just a moment, Howell. This boy doesn't know what he's doing. Gilligan, I know what's going on in your mind.
      Gilligan: You do?
      Skipper: Certainly. You've gotten a little ahead, and it looks like a pretty easy way of making some money.
      Gilligan: Sure does.
      Skipper: That's where you're wrong. How much do you think you can win gambling?
      Gilligan: $6 million if I can sink this putt.
      Skipper: You see? A whole afternoon wasted, and for what? What?
      Gilligan: I already won $3 million. We're playing double or nothing.

    • Thurston: Nobody hustles me on a golf course.

    • Lovey: You did much better this time, darling. You got a 34.
      Thurston: 34? I finally parred the hole.

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