Gilligan's Island

Season 1 Episode 29

Three to Get Ready

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 17, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

Skipper, Professor, and Gilligan are digging a bait trap. Gilligan finds a shiny stone. Skipper explains that Gilligan founds the Eye of the Idol while Professor says he found a Cat's Eye Quartz. Skipper also mentions that whoever finds the Eye of the Idol gets three wishes before sundown. To test it out Gilligan wishes for a gallon of ice cream. One floats on shore. Gilligan shares his ice cream with everyone. Gilligan keeps thinking about a motorcycle as his second wish. Professor and Mary Ann find a plant that can be used as linen. Skipper tries to influence Gilligan and his wishes. Ginger suggests that Gilligan relax and tries to convince him to wish that he's a movie star. Thurston wants him to practice yogi by standing on his head. Thurston takes the Eye of the Idol. He wishes for money but nothing happens.

Skipper passes by an upside down Gilligan. Thurston's angry at the stone because the wishing didn't work. Gilligan wishes for another gallon of ice cream. Gilligan almost uses his third wish until Skiper clamps his hand over Gilligan's mouth. Everyone prepares to leave the island except the Porfessor who tries to tell them they're not going anywhere. Gilligan comes after finding souvenirs only to learn he's lost the Eye of the Idol through a hole in his pocket. Everyone rushes to find it before sundown. Lovey finds a pearl while looking through oysters. Ginger tells the Professor to think like the mole while looking in a cave. Skipper falls out of a tree. Ginger finds the Eye of the Idol. Gilligan puts it in his but it falls right through the hole again. Skipper tells him to put it in the other pocket.

Everyone gathers to leave but the Professor won't go. The Eye of the Idol fell through the hole in the other pocket of Gilligan's pants. Now it's in Gilligan's shoe. Mary Ann won't go because she doesn't want to leave the Professor alone. Lovey says they need a chaperone so Thurston stays. Lovey wants to stay with Thurston. Ginger doesn't want to go either. Professor agrees to go only if they forget about superstitions. Gilligan wishes that they are off the island. The little land mass they're standing on breaks away floating into the middle of the lagoon.

Everyone discusses Gilligan's goof. Professor tries to explain that the digging of the bait trat loosened the land. Gilligan throws the Eye of the Idol out in the jungle. Skipper remembers that whoever finds it next gets three new wishes. So the castaways go running after it. Professor even joins them. After everyone leaves Gilligan reveals that he still has the Eye of the Idol.
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