Gilligan's Island

Season 2 Episode 30

'V' For Vitamins

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Apr 14, 1966 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Professor determines that the lack of vitamin C on the island threatens the health of the castaways.

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Bob Denver

Bob Denver


Jim Backus

Jim Backus

Thurston Howell III

Tina Louise

Tina Louise

Ginger Grant

Alan Hale

Alan Hale

Jonas Grumby (The Skipper)

Natalie Schafer

Natalie Schafer

Eunice Wentworth 'Lovey' Howell

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells

Mary Ann Summers

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • It can take years for a fruit tree to actually grow fruit. Surely by the time the oranges finally started coming in the vitamin deficiency would leave everyone dead anyway.

    • They're on a tropical island--there should be no need for torches to keep the seeds warm at night.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Ginger: Oh let's face it Mary Ann, I don't know what you do with this.
      Mary Ann: In Kansas we plant wheat, not citrus fruit.
      Ginger: All I know about oranges is that in Florida people grow them to send to people in California who grow them to send to people in Florida.
      Mary Ann: When in doubt, use the farmer's formula: One part sunshine, two parts water, and three parts prayer.
      Professor: (reading from book) "The scientific approach to the rapid growth of citrus fruits is assured with the proper amounts of vitamin D, aqua naturalis, and fertilizer containing sodium chloride, nitrate of potassium, and calcium. If this doesn't achieve results try one part sunshine, two parts water and three parts prayer."

    • Professor: Let's try to be sensible about this. I mean, after all, there's a logical answer to every problem.
      Lovey: Oh well the logical thing is to give me the orange. I do so much charity work.
      Skipper: But I'm the one that's sick right now.
      Ginger: But it's ladies first, Skipper.
      Mary Ann: It's women and children first. Therefore I get two votes.
      Gilligan: Can I say something?
      Thurston: Gilligan, keep quiet, will you? Can't you see we're very busy?
      Professor: Please. Please. Please. Now let's remember that even though this is a crisis we're all friends. I'm sure that each of us has reasons for believing we deserve the orange.
      Mary Ann: I'm a member of the 4-H club.
      Skipper: Well I'm a veteran.
      Ginger: I'm a movie star.
      Lovey: I'm a member of the DAR.
      Thurston: I'm Thurston Howell III. Anyone care to top that?

    • Thurston: Mine, mine, all mine.
      Gilligan: What do you want with a tennis ball?
      Thurston: Now that was pretty sneaky.
      Gilligan: How about you sneaking up behind me to steal the orange?
      Thurston: That was right in character.
      Gilligan: Mr. Howell, you got to understand. I only have one orange and all my friends need it.
      Thurston: I know. I know, but can they afford it?
      Gilligan: It's not for sale.
      Thurston: Wait a minute, Gilligan. It's not for me you see. It's for my wife, a loyal woman. Very much like your own mother.
      Gilligan: Oh I thought you were being selfish.
      Thurston: You see, you misjudged me. You will give that orange to Mrs. Howell, won't you?
      Gilligan: And she'll give it right back to you.
      Thurston: Of course. Gilligan, you've outwitted a Howell.

    • Professor: Skipper, I got the results of the tests.
      Skipper: And?
      Professor: I'm afraid it's worse than I thought.
      Skipper: Tell me the worst.
      Professor: Well the lack of citrus fruits in our diet has caused a severe vitamin deficiency. Vitamin C is completely lacking.
      Thurston: Fortunately, we Howells never use the stuff. We depend on bottled-in-bond for our strength.
      Professor: Mr. Howell, this applies to each and every one of us. However, the Skipper being the largest-
      Thurston: You mean the fattest.
      Skipper: I know what he means, Howell.
      Professor: Gentlemen, gentlemen, there is no time for that. Now without citrus fruits, this vitamin deficiency will attack each of us.
      Thurston: Even a Howell.
      Professor: Yes, even a Howell. It will attack each of us in turn, according to his size.
      Thurston: Good heavens, that means I'm the next.
      Professor: Myself, and then Gilligan.
      Skipper: What about the girls? Will it affect them?
      Professor: Yes, Mrs. Howell, and Ginger, and then finally Mary Ann. But don't panic, gentlemen. We're not dead yet.
      Thurston: Well maybe not, but we're definitely headed in that direction.

    • Skipper: Please, Ginger. Not too much off the top.
      Ginger: Just a little bit more, Skipper.
      Skipper: But I believe you're part-Indian. You're trying to scalp me.
      Ginger: You're a sailor. Sailors should have crew cuts.
      Skipper: Well I don't mind a crew cut, but you're trying to remove the entire crew.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Theme of episode: People usually fail to appreciate important things in life until they're gone.

    • In the dream, Bob Denver's four year old son Patrick Denver plays the little Gilligan being chased around by the giant (the Skipper), complete with a miniature "Gilligan outfit" - Gilligan hat and all.


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