Gilligan's Island

Season 1 Episode 3

Voodoo Something To Me

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Oct 10, 1964 on CBS
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Voodoo Something To Me
Skipper belives the Island is under the spell of Voodoo and that Gilligan has been turned into a chimp.

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    Bob Denver

    Bob Denver


    Jim Backus

    Jim Backus

    Thurston Howell III

    Tina Louise

    Tina Louise

    Ginger Grant

    Alan Hale

    Alan Hale

    Jonas Grumby (The Skipper)

    Natalie Schafer

    Natalie Schafer

    Eunice Wentworth 'Lovey' Howell

    Dawn Wells

    Dawn Wells

    Mary Ann Summers

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      • Professor: Gilligan, only a coward would quit at a time like this.
        Gilligan: Would it be all right for the coward to quit and go back to camp?

      • Lovey: Thurston, what on earth is that on your forehead?
        Thurston: (wipes his brow) It looks like water. I wonder where it came from.
        Lovey: Thurston, I know what it is. I used to see if on our gardener. It's perspiration.
        Thurston: It is? What can I put it in? I've got to send it to Dad. He'd be fascinated.

      • Mary Ann: Just think. There may be some strange man loose on this island.
        Ginger: That's what I am thinking.

      • Skipper: Gilligan, I'm leaving these things with you. A gun and a rabbit's foot. If one doesn't work, use the other.

      • Professor: The only place you'll ever find a monster is in your mind.
        Gilligan: Or in the Supply Hut

      • Gilligan: Killer...Voodo...No

      • Ginger: Gilligan are you trying to tell us something?
        Gilligan: I'm trying not to tell you something.

      • Professor: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
        Gilligan: That's alright, I was scared already!

      • Skipper: Think about it. Ever since we got stranded on this island we've had nothing but bad luck. One disaster after another. What do you think caused them?
        Gilligan: I though we all agreed it was me.

      • Skipper: Shhh! Let's not upset the women.
        Gilligan: Let's not upset the men either!

      • Gilligan: Well you be careful, because if it is an escaped convict or a viscous killer, he could be dangerous!

      • Ginger: If we had to pick an island to get marooned on, why didn't we pick Manhatten?

      • Skipper: Gilligan, if you were wide awake on your post, how could somebody get in the hut?
        Gilligan: I guess they must have picked the lock on the back door.
        Skipper: There is no back door.
        Gilligan: Then they came in through the window.
        Skipper: There is no window.
        Gilligan: How about down the chimney? No chimney. There's no back door, there's no window, and there's no chimney. Skipper, it looks like we're up against a pretty clever thief.
        Skipper: Gilligan! Why don't you admit it! You were asleep on guard duty.
        Gilligan: Only during the robbery.

      • Gilligan: If there's a ship out there I'm going to see it!
        Skipper: If there's a ship out there it's in trouble! The ocean is that way!

      • Proffesor: Now lets just pray that somebody saw our signal.
        Mr. Howell: Well if they did I hope they just don't come barging in the middle of the night to come rescue us, I'm incredibly tired.

      • Skipper: (to the other castaways) No cause for alarm Gilligan, it's just me, the Skipper. Always be sure to identify yourselves when Gilligan's on watch. He tends to be trigger-happy. Shoots now and ask questions later.

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