Gilligan's Island

Season 2 Episode 26

Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?

Aired Saturday 8:30 PM Mar 17, 1966 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The radio reports that Mr. Howell has been rescued and is spending all of his money.

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    Bob Denver

    Bob Denver


    Jim Backus

    Jim Backus

    Thurston Howell III

    Tina Louise

    Tina Louise

    Ginger Grant

    Alan Hale

    Alan Hale

    Jonas Grumby (The Skipper)

    Natalie Schafer

    Natalie Schafer

    Eunice Wentworth 'Lovey' Howell

    Dawn Wells

    Dawn Wells

    Mary Ann Summers

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      • Lovey: Thurston, do you think that's the impostor?
        Thurston: Well of course, it's the impostor. How many people are floating around the Pacific Ocean with an empty champagne bottle?

      • Thurston: I'm going to ask some pointed questions which will prove conclusively which is the real Mr. Howell.
        Impostor: All right. Fire when ready.
        Thurston: All right. Now what is your favorite reading material?
        Impostor: The social registry. You might even say it's our family Bible.
        Gilligan: Yep. That's Mr. Howell, all right.
        Thurston: All right, now, try this one. Tell me, what is your favorite exclusive club?
        Impostor: New York Stock Exchange.
        Gilligan: Yep. That's Mr. Howell, all right.
        Thurston: Very, very cunning. If you had to give up everything in the world except your money or your wife which one would you keep?
        Impostor: My money, of course.
        Gilligan: That's Mr. Howell, all right.

      • Professor: Mrs. Howell, how is he?
        Lovey: All the talks about is losing his money. I think he's is dire need of a psychiatrist.
        Professor: Well I don't profess to be a psychiatrist, Mrs. Howell. However, I do hold a master's degree in psychology.
        Lovey: Oh I wish you'd speak to him, Professor. After all, money isn't everything especially when one has diamonds and real estate.

      • Skipper: Gilligan, don't just stand there daydreaming, get to work.
        Gilligan: Skipper, I still think those wings would have worked. For a couple of seconds there, I felt lighter than air.
        Skipper: With that head of yours, you are lighter than air.

      • Ginger: We'll have a big, noisy musical comedy show and I'll wear one of those skimpy little costumes and that's sure to attract any airline pilot that's passing overhead.
        Mary Ann: You're kidding. They fly at 20,000 feet.
        Ginger: Well so what? When it comes to girls in skimpy costumes airline pilots have radar.

      • Lovey: Thurston, you must never do that again. Swimming to the mainland simply isn't practical. Especially at this time of year when the water's so cold.
        Thurston: That impostor will ruin me. Reduce me to a pauper.
        Lovey: Well after all, you have some money here on the island.
        Thurston: Money. A few hundred thousand dollars. That's petty cash. Back home, that's interest on my interest.

      • Thurston: Skipper, do you really think this contraption is safe?
        Gilligan: Sure, if she gets you on the shipping lanes before it sinks.
        Thurston: Oh good. Before it sinks?
        Professor: Relax, Mr. Howell. I guarantee you this pontoon boat is 100% watertight.
        Thurston: I hope so, because I am not.

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