Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 2

A Messenger, Nothing More

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on The WB

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  • With Rory in Italy and Luke at the Renessaince Faire, Lorelai keeps busy until they return

    Luke is at the Renessaince Fair, getting the latest gossip. Then he notices TJ is hiding a TV on his lap. Luke gets fed up and decides to go home. He calls Lorelai to tell her this, and she pretends not to believe him.

    Emily and Rory are in Italy. Emily flirts with the Italian waiter, and Rory visits the catacombs. Rory talks to her mother twice. The first time, she and Lorelai have a rather stilted conversaton. The second time though, Rory is like her old self, and she and Lorelai have their usual wacky conversation. But then Rory turns serious and asks Lorelai to deliver a letter from her to Dean. At first Lorelai is reluctant, but she finally agrees.

    Later, after Lorelai has delivered the letter, she and Sookie watch as Lindsey very publicly throws Dean out of the house. When Rory gets back from Europe, Sookie tells her about it. Lorelai gets Rory away, then asks her what was in the letter. Rory tells her that she asked to be "taken out of the equation" of Dean and Lindsey's life. Lorelai says that was a good letter.

    Rory goes to Deans' parents' house, where Dean is staying. Dean tells Rory that he made a big mistake, ruining his marriage for her. This makes Rory sad.
  • Lorelai is working too hard, Rory sends a letter to Dean. Brilliant episode, Luke and Lorelai finally are going to be together.

    This brilliant, slightly better than the opener of the season. Emily in Rome was funny because she was just so different to what Lorelai would be like. Refusing to let Rory carry anything, making people do things for her. I was glad to see Rory and Lorelai make up her (By phone) and I'm glad there back to there old selves.

    Lorelai working too hard was amusing because she just kept butting in. It was amusing when Sookie told her about this but when they both took the day off, all they could think about was the dragonfly inn. TJ milking his injuries was alright but was like an obstacle with Luke and Lorelai, Liz was funny with saying that Lorelai's is Luke's TJ, kind of insulting really.

    Lane realises she might like have feelings for Zach when she gets jealous when he brings two girls to the diner, one of them basically tells her they didn't know she liked him. As for Dean and Lindsey, I'm glad its over because now it will be interesting to see how his relationship with Rory goes.

    He was rather stupid to leave the letter in his jacket, wasn't he. The street scene when Lindsey's mother was giving out to Rory was entertaining, good to see Lorelai stand up for her daughter, as always.

    Luke and Lorelai meet up when he gets back and he gives her present which she loves. They nearly kiss but are interrupted but it is clearly stated that something is going to happen soon. This was a brilliant episode, a lot of things to come!
  • Time went by, Lorelai looks like Speedy Gonzales, Luke and Rory are away but coming back

    Rory is gone, Luke is gone and Lorelai speedy Gonzales is speeding all over town.
    Luke is still at the renaissance fair and Rory is in Europe with Emily.
    TJ is lazy, Liz is already up and working but TJ no.

    It's fun seeing Emily flirting lol

    And Lorelai is working non stopping, she is bossing around, doing everyone's job and not sleeping. All because of Rory and Luke.
    Sookie has to send her home!
    And finally Rory calls her and they have one of those great calls they used to make before the whole Dean situation.
    Luke is coming home, Rory sent a letter to Dean and if backfired and finally Rory and Emily are back from Europe.
    After weeks Luke is finally at the diner.
    That scene where he said he had to do something and left and Lorelai went after, just to get together without anyone around.
    It was going great, he gave her the gift and then suddenly the whole town goes around the corner with a marching band.
    Dean was kicked out and now things aren't great.

    It end with the perfect moment, everything is good again.
  • In a typical Gilmore fashion, the stories continue evolving.

    We finally get to see the end for Rory and Dean, but I still think something might happen between them later. Anyway, I'm glad it's over for now and can't wait to see what will happen to Rory when the new college year begins. The Luke scenes with T.J. and his sister were amazing. The show never stops being funny and it has the best dialogue I had ever seen before.

    Interesting allusions and smart comebacks are the key to this show's success. Of course, drama is heavily involved in each storyline. I like seeing Luke and Lorelai together, God only knows how long I've hoped for those two to hook up. Luke is a strange fellow and I'm sure lots of fun is just around the corner. And with the addition of Sookie, Lane loving Zach, and Ms. Patty, this is truly a Gilmore classic.
  • A decent installment.

    You will not be disappointed by this installment at all. It is just as brilliant as each other episode of Gilmore Girls. In this one Lindsay and Dean officially break-up, but that fails to make things between Dean and Rory any less complicated. That actually complicates them even more as Lindsay had found Rory’s letter to Dean. Luke returns to Stars Hollow in this episode and is reunited with Lorelai. This episode is very good, but I wouldn’t classify it as a series classic. It is better than the average episode of most dramas though, and the quality of writing sails above all else once again. Recommended.
  • Lorelai and Rory start talking.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode. i thought that it was really mature of Rory to call her mother up from Europe to say she was sorry and to ask her mother to deliver a letter to Dean. It was great that Dean's wife found the letter and freaked out. It is funny though how dumb is he to leave a letter like that where his wife could find it maybe that was the point for her to find it but i guess we will never find that out. This episode kind of showed a protective side to Lorelai the was she defend her daughter to Lindsay's mother.
  • In this episode a lot of things happen. Luke and Lorelai getting closer. Rory and Lorelai making up. The confrotation on the street. Lane and Zach getting into the arguement. Rory comes back from her trip in Europe. Lindsay finding the letter and then thr

    This episode was fairly good. The luke and lorelai relationship growing, the reconcilation of rory and lorelai. The whole Dean and Lindsay thing was good along with the confrotation on the street. Luke returning to Lorelai and bringing her the necklace that matches the earings. The Lane and Zach relationship showing more that unsual.
  • Just an episode you look forward to. Rory fleds to Europe, Lorelai is busy with the Inn. How will things turn out with Luke/Lorelai and Dean/Rory

    This episode was great. Rory finally realising she made a mistake and writes Dean a letter, who her mom has to give to Dean, but Lindsay finds it! Gives that last push that to me makes Rory give the feeling that she has to begin something with Dean. Like she is obligated.
    And lorelai being extremely busy with the Inn. The first scene was just amazing, just a routine. Funny to watch! Also the Luke found his TJ part was really amusing. And the reconcillation scenes between Luke and Lorelai was great. The scene in the diner was very sweet and it was funny how they were interrupted by that sudden street party or however you wanna call it. Can't give it a proper name right now.
    Anyway, that scene was also amazing and also fantastic how even though Lorelai didn't agree on what Rory did, they made things better between them and even stood up for her daughter in front of Lindsay and her mother. A brilliant episode!