Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 2

A Messenger, Nothing More

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 28, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In this episode Luke and Lorelei both make up excuses to leave the diner and meet up to talk in privacy. Luke says he's going to the pharmacy and Lorelei says she's going to Doose's market. Rory and Jess made up similar excuses to sneak off in season 3 episode 8,Let the Games Begin" .

    • Before Luke leaves the Renaissance Fair, he calls Lorelai. Right before the call, you can hear flute music in the background. It's similar to the music, which is played in season 2 episode 10 "The Bracebridge Dinner".

    • In this episode Dean states that he ruined his marriage for a girl that "dumped me once" and "just bailed."
      But Dean is the one who dumped her in their previous two break-ups. In Season 1, Episode 16 "Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers", Dean was unhappy with how Rory responded to his declaration of love and broke up with her. In Season 3, Episode 7, "They Shoot Gilmores Don't They", at the dance marathon, Dean tells her that he isn't her boyfriend anymore. In this episode, because he was married, he wasn't available to Rory so she really didn't bail on him but rather tried to correct her mistake by extracting herself from the situation.

    • In the opening scene when Lorelai is walking past Miss Patty's, the little apple that falls is closer to Miss Patty. When Miss Patty turns around, the little girl is farther away from her.

    • When they arrive at the hotel in Rome, Emily tells Rory they have to pick out restaurants for three days. When Emily later calls Lorelai, she tells her it's their last stop on the European trip. The next day, when Rory calls Lorelai to apologize and ask her to give the letter to Dean, she says she can't wait until she gets home to clear things up. By then it would only be two days left until Rory gets home so the letter would hardly get there any faster.

    • When Rory comes back from Europe, Lorelai's hair is curly. However, when they leave the house, Lorelai's hair is obviously straight. Then, once they are near the town gazebo, Lorelai's hair is curly again. When they enter the diner, Lorelai's hair is once again straight, but when she goes to meet Luke having gone to "run an errand", her hair is once again curly.

    • After Rory arrives home from Europe and she is sitting at the kitchen table with Lorelai and Sookie, there is one can of soda on the table in the first shot and in the next there are two cans, later it goes back to one.

  • Quotes

    • Emily: Those European men... young, old, in between... they saw us coming.
      Sookie: They saw you coming where?
      Emily: We were like magnets. Such high libidos.
      Lorelai: You weren't wearing your "hot and wealthy" sandwich board, were you, Mom?
      Rory: She was very popular.
      Emily: Well, I should go. (to Lorelai) I bring you back a charming, cultured, well-mannered young lady. Don't undo it.
      Lorelai: I will definitely try not to not undo it.

    • Lorelai: Still no Luke, huh?
      Lane: Liz and T.J. are still not back up on their feet. Luke's calling the Renaissance Faire his "Vietnam without all the fun shooting."
      Lorelai: Oh, poor guy.

    • (Sookie is trying to get Lorelai to take some time off.)
      Sookie: Want to know the last time I saw staff and maids looking this scared of their boss? Your mother's house.
      Lorelai: Ow...knife in the gut!

    • Liz: I'm so happy for you! You found your T.J.!
      Luke: Please don't phrase it like that!

    • Lorelai: (after finding out that Lindsay read the letter Rory wrote to Dean) Okay, I have got to know what was in that letter.
      Rory: I...I told him that that night was special and that I wasn't sorry it happened...but he's married, and he has to figure out his life, so I said that I was going to make it easier for him...and take myself out of the mix.
      Lorelai: That was a very good letter.
      Rory: I can't believe she found it.

    • (At Luke's)
      Lane: Lorelai, hi. Would you like your usual to go?
      Lorelai: Yes, and quick-quick, please.
      Lane: You know, people are calling you "the blur."
      Lorelai: That's mean. Or is it? What is that?
      Lane: You're not around, and you're always running -- swoosh, blur.
      Lorelai: Well, that's business, baby. If you slow down, they might catch up with you.

    • Lorelai: Hey, I should bring steak sauce, right?
      Rory: For what?
      Lorelai: Pizza.
      Rory: I just got back from Italy.
      Lorelai: So?
      Rory: So they'd shoot you in Italy for that.
      Lorelai: But this is America, where we unapologetically bastardize other countries' cultures in a gross quest for moral and military sumpremacy.
      Rory: I forgot. Bring on the imperialistic condiments.

    • Luke: This town...
      Lorelai: -- is our town. This town is so glamorous.

    • Michel: It is not my job to entertain little people.

    • Cheryl: God, I just want to spend, like three straight years doing nothing but reading, you know?
      Lane: What book?

    • Lorelai: Hey! You found him! Good job, Krumholtzes!
      Ethan: He grounded us and told us to go do something to ourselves!
      Joanna: He used a dirty word!
      Michel: And I'm destined to use many more.

  • Notes

    • German episode title: "Ein Brief mit Folgen", meaning "A Letter with Consequences".

      French episode title: "Ne Tirez Pas Sur Le Messager", "Don't Shoot The Messenger".

    • This episode drew 5.99 million viewers.

    • Rory's "home movies from my trip with Grandma" is actually a scene from 1985's A Room With a View featuring Maggie Smith and Helena Bonham Carter.

    • Music:

      "Fell in Love With a Girl" by the White Stripes Zach says the band plays this song as well as the White Stripes
      "This Town" by The Go-Go's Spoken/sung by Lorelai when the Cider Mill parade comes by Luke and Lorelai trying to have a private moment.
      - "Chimacum Rain" by Linda Perhacs

  • Allusions

    • Luke: This town...
      Lorelai: our town. This town is so glamorous.

      This is in reference to the song by the famous girl group The Go-Go's called "This Town".

    • Lorelai: I am the über Trump Murdoch maximus!

      References to Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch, both very rich businessmen.

    • Lorelai: Ginchy!

      'Ginchy' was a slang term used by the character Kookie in the TV show 77 Sunset Strip (1958-1964). It was supposed to be similar to 'cool' or 'groovy'.

    • Lorelai: (to Luke) See you when Hillary's president!

      Lorelai says this line in order to imply the extremely long time it would take for her to see Luke again. The "Hillary" being referred to with this line is Former First-Lady (and the junior United States Senator from New York), Hillary Clinton. Many believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton would make a good Democratic President, and would have a chance of being the first woman president. Still, this would take quite a bit of time, since 2008 would be the earliest, if ever, Hillary would be president.

    • Brian: ... So Mary Magdalene goes to Gaul to have the kid...

      Brian is telling Zach about The Da Vinci Code, the best selling book by Dan Brown.

    • Lorelai: (to Luke) What's that, Lucy, a football for me to kick?

      Lorelai is referencing Charles Schultz's famous Peanuts cartoon, in which the main character, Charlie Brown, often is taunted and teased by fellow character Lucy placing a football out in front of him. When Charlie Brown goes to kick the ball, Lucy snatches the ball away, letting Charlie Brown's foot fly up into the air.