Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Lorelai walking briskly down the street. Luke who is going the same direction catches up to her. As always, Lorelai brings color to Luke's life…

Luke: Hey. Lorelai: Oh, I left a tip this time. And I didn't put it under the water glass, 'cause I know you hate that, and I made sure it didn't touch the syrup, 'cause that makes it sticky, and I didn't leave the last dollar in pennies just to get rid of them. Luke: I know. Lorelai: So, why are you running down the street yelling at me? Luke: I wasn't running. I was walking. I wasn't yelling. I was talking. Lorelai: Oh, what did you say? Luke: "Hey." Lorelai: Oh, hey. Luke: You are a lot of work. Lorelai: No, you're a lot of work.

Mail Boxes Etc. appears to be their destination, as Lorelai needs stamps and Luke needs a notary. To her horror, Luke is getting his divorce at Mail Boxes Etc. instead of a lawyer's office. She argues that it isn't dignified to get a divorce at a Mail Boxes Etc. but Luke counters that it's not particularly dignified to "crap out on a marriage" either. Luke finally gets Lorelai to let him get his divorce. The ubiquitous Kirk is working at the counter and will notarize Luke's divorce and get Lorelai her stamps. As Luke is signing his papers, Lorelai and Kirk are having an animated discussion about the 'breakfast food series' stamps and stamps of the '50's and '60's sitcom stars. Luke is obviously becoming more and more agitated by the banter. Finally, he asks them if they would mind keeping it down. Lorelai and Kirk are appropriately chastened by the request and they comply.

The next day, Lorelai goes into the diner for her coffee and Danish. Luke is repairing his toaster once again. They chat about the ink-stained thumb he got from the thumbprint as required by the notary. While they are talking, Lorelai's cell phone rings. Of course, Luke chases her out of the diner. Out front, we find out that Lorelai is actually talking on Rory's cell phone. Rory is calling the phone to see if Lorelai has it. While they are chatting, Lorelai's cell phone rings and Jason is on the other end. He is coping with the fallout from dinner at the senior Gilmore's house with Jason's parents. Luke comes out with her Danish to find Lorelai with a phone on each ear. He just shakes his head and says, "This is a sickness". He asks her who she is talking to and of course Lorelai only tells him half the truth. Typically, she doesn't mention Jason but tells him to say hi to Rory. Jason is on his way to the golf course to practice his swing, trying to get into Richard's good graces after the big blowup. He plans to talk to his father to get him to drop the lawsuit. Jason signs off and Lorelai finishes her call with Rory. Rory encourages her to talk to her parents and resolve the conflict but Lorelai is quite content to let Jason deal with the problem.

Zach and Brian are playing video games while Lane tries to get them to focus on the band meeting. They are setting the play list for their next gig. Gil shows them a flyer he made for the gig. There is a sandwich on the flyer, which is from his sandwich shop, and it is making the boys hungry. Lane tries to get them concentrating on the meeting but they are all having trouble focusing. She decides to go out to get something to eat so they can finally get something done. On her way to Doose's, Lane sees Mrs. Kim doting on a young Korean girl about Lane's age. Mrs. Kim gives the girl, who is wearing one of Lane's old sweaters, one of Lanes scarves and an apple. Lane is bewildered by the sight and more than a little saddened.

At the driving range, Jason sees a client approaching. He walks over to speak to him, but the client greets him very brusquely and walks off quickly. Jason is confused by his behavior. Later Jason drives to the Dragonfly. After calling clients all afternoon, he found out that Richard has gone back into business with Floyd and has taken all the clients. Richard has stabbed Jason in the back and Jason faces financial ruin. Lorelai is mortified. She goes to her parent's house to talk to Richard. Richard lends a deaf ear to Lorelai's pleas to stop hurting Jason in this way. Richard tells her that it's just business. Lorelai continues her appeal. She argues that Jason is going to have to leave town but Richard is unsympathetic. He tells her to go with him and virtually accuses her of being disloyal to the family. Emily has come down the stairs and has surreptitiously listened to their conversation. After Lorelai leaves, she goes into Richard's office to ask him if it is necessary to go after Jason. She is worried that she is going to lose Lorelai again. Richard is very abrupt with her and tells her in no uncertain terms that he is doing what he has to do.

At Yale, Paris and Rory are at a book signing for Asher's new book. Apparently, Asher has been quite a ladies man and the women have flocked to have their copies of his book signed. Paris shows Rory the dedication Asher wrote to her in the book. Paris asks Rory is she wants to go with her to talk to Asher. Rory is worried about a paper she wrote for him so she doesn't want to deal with him any sooner than she has to.

Later while Rory is picking up her paper from Asher's office, she gets a call from Lane. Lane invites her to their gig. Unfortunately she is unable to go because it is on Friday and Rory has to go to Friday night diner. She wishes Lane good luck and says good-bye. When she gets to Asher's office, she is a bit disconcerted to find her paper with a large red A on it.

In Rory's dorm room, she is studying on the couch while someone is playing very loud music above her. She hears pounding on the door and answers it to find her mother standing there. Lorelai had some errands to do so she stopped by to drop off Rory's phone. She tells Rory that things have gotten worse with the Richard/Jason situation. She doesn't want to go to dinner but Rory insists. She tells her mother that she will deflect the hostilities from her.

In the diner, Lane is dealing with Kirk when she glances out to see the young Korean girl walking down the street. She quickly takes her break and runs out to talk to her. After a rather heated altercation, Lane finds out that she is an exchange student. Lane is obviously feeling displaced by this new addition to Mrs. Kim's household.

After Asher Fleming's class, Asher congratulates Rory on her paper saying that it was very well done. Rory obliquely expresses her concern that Asher has somehow shown her favoritism because she is Paris's best friend and has given her a mark she doesn't deserve. Asher is offended by the accusation and assures her he doesn't give marks that aren't deserved. Rory thanks him for the A and leaves.

Lorelai and Rory go to Friday night dinner to find Emily and Richard behaving very strangely. There is no ice at the wet bar and there are no flowers on the table and no dessert after dinner. In addition, Emily and Richard are very distracted. Lorelai and Rory make a hasty retreat and are talking in the front of the yard about the strange pod-grandparents when they hear the front door open. They run behind the bushes and watch as Emily gets in her car with a garment bag and drives off.

Lane and the band have a great set at their gig. Lane is a little lonely after they play when Gil celebrates with his wife, Brian with his family and Zach with his groupies. Later, Lane goes into her Mom's house and sadly looks in her old room to see the young girl sleeping in her bed. She then goes to her mother's room and kisses her sleeping mother on the forehead.

The next day, Lorelai and Jason are having coffee in Hartford. Lorelai is prattling on and on about her parent's separation. Jason sits quietly until Lorelai apologizes for her rant. She asks him how he is doing. He tells her that he is suing her father. Lorelai begs him not to do that but Jason is adamant. Lorelai informs him that she cannot be with someone who is suing her family. She gets up and leaves the coffee shop.
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