Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 6

An Affair to Remember

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • Amazing episode! All the storylines were great!:)

    This Gilmore Girls episode is very interesting one because: Rory deals with college life, Lorelai and Sookie are asked to organize a party at Emily's house, Kirk gets a date, Emily finally shows some emotions.
    Rory's storyline was really amusing. She struggles with finding place to study because of her roommates' annoying habits and their constant fighting. She finally finds a tree in the park which fits her perfectly. I liked that part of the episode because I have always liked to study outside and I find it pretty normal.
    Lorelai and Sookie are asked by Emily to organize a party for her. I liked the scene where they were serving Emily as she was trying the meals. So hilarious! Sookie was amazing again that she is always so involved in cooking. I got a little bit sad for Emily as Richard canceled the party. I liked that Lorelai showed some feelings for her mother, something that she doesn't do so often.
    Kirk gets a date. The date is amusing. So funny were the preparations for the date.
    Very,very,very good episode!:):):)
  • Lorelai and Sookie are asked to cater a party for Emily, Rory has to find a new place to study, Kirk has a date. Still brilliant.

    What's with the low episode score? This was just as good as previous episodes. I liked Rory's side story of not being able to study and Paris continues to amuse me throughout. I was wondering about Jamie but here we find out there still together and are currently fighting. Everyone being so annoying is something people can relate to so it was enjoyable to see Rory go off and find a new place to study.

    Under a tree! But not just any tree, one that is perfect for her to study under. I knew someone would take it though and it was amusing to see her try and get it back. Very good when she paid the guy a twenty to leave, which he gladly did. I'm not a fan of Jason, he's a little unknown to be honest.

    The whole Emily asking Sookie to cater was a great idea for entertainment but Lorelai's phone conversation with Emily about the business flyers was even better. Sookie making all the little broccoli tarts was amusing, especially how they seemed to be everywhere. Strangely I did feel sorry for Emily when she broke the news to Lorelai about the cancellation, she seemed so upset.

    I was glad that Lorelai stormed to Jason and gave him a piece of her mind, though he ended it with asking her out, quite interesting. Kirk's date was amusing, mainly because he was shocked at how well it was going. I wonder if we'll see more of Lulu.

    Brilliant episode again, I'm still loving the college stories!
  • Emily hires Sookie and Lorelai to do the catering for Richard's launch party.

    Jason and Richard are finally partners and Emily is organizing a launch party.
    The Inn is finally getting repaired and Sookie agree to do the catering at Emily's party. And Paris and Jaime are having problems, Rory needs to study and there ain't a quite place in the apartment to do that.

    Lorelai and Sookie working for Emily is weird but they got the job...

    Kirk is having a date!! lol that was fun to see, the preparation, the video all that was cute lol and the date went great, Lulu likes him.

    I really felt sorry for Emily, she had a lot of trouble to organize the launch party and then Richard went with Jason's idea of taking the clients to Atlanta. She was really sad and hurt when she went to Lorelai's house and said the party was of, I really felt sad for her.

    And I was surprised to see Lorelai defending her mother, it was awesome!! But digger is smart lol
  • Emily offers Lorelai and Sookie the job of catering the party to launch Richard's new business venture, then runs them ragged with demands. Meanwhile, at school, Rory finds that her roommates' activities are preventing her from studying.

    Good episode. Lorelai and Sookie get a job for catering Richard's party. Rory can't find anywhere to study because everyone is doing something. Paris is fighting with Jamie, Janet on her trampoine and everyone else doing something. Rory finds a tree to study at but some guy takes it which she ends up giving 20 dollars to him so he will move which he does. Jason decides to go to Altanic City which Richard agrees getting Lorelai and Sookie fired. Kirk is on a date with Lulu which goes good and its at Luke's diner. Jason asks Lorelai out and she says yes! This will be interesting!
  • Lorelai and Sookie plan a party for Emily.

    I thought that this episode was really good. I liked that Lorelai was trying to cover up the fact that she did not tell her mothe that she and Sookie started a new business and did not tell her by lying about sending her a flyer. I thought that it was really funny that Lorelai told her mother to treat them like anyone else she would hire then get upset because she treated them like she did her maids. i thought that it was funny that Emily mad them use the servent enterance then made Lorelai run back and forth from the kitchen. I felt really bad for Emily that her party was cancelled because Jason wanted to take the clinets to Alantic City for the weekend.
  • Sookie and Lorelai opening a catering business. I think its a great idea why not? Its a great way to make some extra money for the Inn, not so great to work for Emily but a great start!!

    Emily's a great critic, Lorelai humiliated over the test run but soon changes her mind when her mom pays them both a high compliment which results in Lorelai forgiving her somewhat.

    Then came the big moment when "Digger" ruins everyone's plans by moving the launch to another location and upsetting all Emily's hardwork which results in firing Lorelai and Sookie as the catering company - but I did feel sorry for Emily.

    Not so thrilled about Lorelai and Digger as a couple though, didn't like the idea any better than her relationship with Max, that's just me wanting Lorelai to be with Luke which she does eventually but its hard watching her mooching over Jason or is it the other way round and Lorelai is just bored since Luke is with Nicole, luckily both short-lived relationships!!
  • Haha not so much

    I never bought the episode. That's the simplest way to put it, I guess.

    Start with Lorelai and Sookie catering for Emily. Understandable that Lorelai was upset that Sookie had arranged - it was yet another thing Lorelai failed to tell her mother about - and understandable that Emily would ask for a test run - she is after all Emily. But, sadly, the test run lacked the usual humor. It made attempts, sorry attempts, for laughs. That scene was utterly boring.

    Rory's study tree. She spent 10-15 minutes of the episode sauntering around, looking for a place to study because her roommates were bugging her, found the tree, only to have someone else take it and not give it back. The study tree wins the "what is this, a plot line or a line in need of a plot" award. It was sluggish, boring to watch, had really no purpose other than filler minutes, and did I mention it bored me?

    Lorelai sticking up for her mom at the end and finally yelling at Rory and Sookie to deal with their problems was the clincher of the episode. Because their problems in this episode were neither interesting or engaging; I simply didn't care for them. I liked that Lorelai fought for Emily, it was a sweet gesture. And Kelly Bishop shone in the scene where she came to Lorelai to cancel the party.

    If my favorite girls weren't up to par, who can I count on?
  • Lorelei and Sookie working for Emily?. Rory getting close to a tree?. What's going on here?!.

    You can't deny the fact that the beginning of season four of Gilmore was just off. There has been much talk and debate since the fourth season, and it is obvious that the show, for the most part of the first half anyways, had problems. If you needed proof with how directionless and non interesting the beginning of the season was, then look no further. It's not that I think this episode was bad. First of all, while some episodes are better(okay, way better) than others, I don't think the show has every really done a bad episode. When the show is not delivering and not hitting on all cylinders, it's still amazingly written and performed. Still better than most other stuff on TV. But season four was having a crisis. Things were different, and things were just not the same in good 'ol Stars Hollow. This episode is also further proof that they had problems writing for Rory. For a good chunk of the season, it seemed that Rory was going nowhere, and she had nothing to do. It became apparent that there seemed to be less of the story focusing on Rory, and after a while, you were glad. You didn't really notice or care because what they were doing with Rory for a portion of the season, and this episode in particular, was nothing. She spent the entire episode looking for a place to study!. Wandering around and finding a tree. More on that a bit later. But it's not just Lorelei. This new development with the Jason character was not working either. It's not Chris Eigeman's fault though. He was good, and one of few actors who could step up to the plate and match Lauren Graham's rapid speech and joke patterns. He did very well. It's just the character. If there was ever an episode of Gilmore that was un-important, slow moving, and not that watchable, it's this one. So, what happened?...

    Richard is going into his new business venture, and Emily decides to hire Lorelei and Sookie to cater a business party. Previously, Lorelei and Sookie started a catering business on the side while they get their new inn, The Dragonfly, up and running. Soon, Emily, as only Emily can, is running the two of them ragged with demands for the party. But things get turned upside down when Jason announces that he has taken the business party into his own hands and has arranged a weekend for the business partners in Atlantic City!. This surprises everyone, and most certainly doesn't please Emily, who thinks it's untraditional and not the right kind of thing for the business. Jason tells her that it's all good and everything will be fine. Right off the bat, you get the feeling that maybe Jason is not on the up and up. That he's swooping up and is up to something. How could you not?. His father is one of Richard's opponents, and now Jason is with Richard?. You think that something is up, and Jason has other plans. Of course, this changes once the storyline moves along, but at first, you wonder. All in all, this wasn't a very interesting storyline. Anything business related on the show never strikes my fancy, and the fact that this new paradigm that the show has now created with Jason Stiles in the picture is just kind of cold and hasn't interested me. The stuff with Emily, Lorelei, and Sookie was pretty good tho.

    Now onto Rory. As I talked about earlier, this was the episode's biggest problem. Instead of actually having something happen, we get this tedious and boring side storyline that will have everyone checking their watch. Rory can't study in her dorm room because Paris and her other roommates are making too much noise. Rory has to leave the dorm to find a quieter place to study. Things still don't work out, but Rory finally finds a nice tree to study under. This is the spot. The perfect spot. Rory goes back the next day to find it occupied by someone else. The nerve!. You mean someone else could possibly be using a tree in a public place?. Rory then offers this guy $20 so she can have the tree all to herself. Yes, this is the story for Rory this week. Looking for a place to study, and cozying up to a tree. Many critics still moan and groan about the "Rory and the tree" fiasco. Was there a point to even including this?. I know that things are different, and that Rory is in a new world and a new environment, and there will have to be some changes made. I imagine it could be somewhat hard if you have a dorm room of roommates, but the writers could of actually of had something happen. I actually felt kind of bad for Alexis Bledel. She is a tremendous actress, and for the first three seasons she had as great of stuff as anyone else. But I felt that a lot of her time on season four was horribly wasted. When you waste an entire episode with this storyline for her, you know that something is wrong. Maybe the writers were trying to show how hard it is, and how students try to find appropriate places to study, but geez!. Instead of actually showing the boring doldrums of the act, they could of enlivened things a bit. This was a pretty silly plot, and didn't add one redeeming value to the episode, the show, of the character of Rory.

    Kirk. Thank god there is Kirk. If it weren't for Kirk and him going on his first date, then this episode would of had nothing to reccommend. Kirk goes out on a date. He goes to Luke's. Where else would he go?. Things seem to be going swimmingly, and just as big of a surprise as it is to us the viewer, it's an even bigger surprise to Kirk that it's going so well. Even when he comes back to the table and she's still there, he's amazed!. It's a funny and sweet little side storyline that was the best part of the entire episode.

    In the end, "An Affair To Remember" should of been re-named to "An Affair To Forget". I hate saying anything bad about this brilliant and wonderful show, but I just could not see much in this episode. Oh yeah, Lorelei meeting her mother at her door with "juicy" written on the back of her pants?. That was cool. Otherwise, this was a file and forget it episode.
  • Kirk's date, Lorelai's job offer and Emily pays for a tree!

    Emily offers Lorelai and Sookie the job of catering the party to launch Richard's new business venture, then runs them ragged with demands. Meanwhile, at school, Rory finds that her roommates' activities are preventing her from studying.

    Emily and Lorelai work hard to gain her mothers trust to cater for Richard's launch party with new partner Digger. Unbeknown to Richard, Emily Sookie and Lorelai, Digger has planned a launch party of a difference in Atlantic City! After securing the job following a taster, Emily has to break the news to her daughter than the party is off and that they are no longer required.

    Rory cannot study because Paris and her other roommates are making too much noise and after much searching, including a trip back home she stumbles upon the perfect tree at Yale to study under! She goes back the next day only to find someone has beaten her to it, he refuses to budge but on payment of $20 the following day he lets her have her study tree back.

    Kirk is on a date at Luke's and can't believe his luck when she is still there after three bathroom breaks, Luke forces Kirk to go back and continue the date despite it lasting longer than any other date he has ever had! Emily turns up at her daughters house and Lorelai answers the door wearing pants that have 'Juicy' written on her butt - classic!