Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 6

An Affair to Remember

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 2003 on The WB

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  • Emily hires Sookie and Lorelai to do the catering for Richard's launch party.

    Jason and Richard are finally partners and Emily is organizing a launch party.
    The Inn is finally getting repaired and Sookie agree to do the catering at Emily's party. And Paris and Jaime are having problems, Rory needs to study and there ain't a quite place in the apartment to do that.

    Lorelai and Sookie working for Emily is weird but they got the job...

    Kirk is having a date!! lol that was fun to see, the preparation, the video all that was cute lol and the date went great, Lulu likes him.

    I really felt sorry for Emily, she had a lot of trouble to organize the launch party and then Richard went with Jason's idea of taking the clients to Atlanta. She was really sad and hurt when she went to Lorelai's house and said the party was of, I really felt sad for her.

    And I was surprised to see Lorelai defending her mother, it was awesome!! But digger is smart lol