Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 18

Back in the Saddle Again

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2002 on The WB

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  • Rory recruits Richard to help with her economics project and he and Paris get along smashingly. Also, Dean fears he is loosing Rory and tries desperately to hold on to her. Lorelai cause trouble between Michel and his mother, Giselle.

    Madeline: (points to Brad) Well, he looks like he's built one! Brad: I've never built a robot! Louise: (leans over toward him) But you've tried haven't you? Brad: (reluctantly) Yes I have. There is some classic Madeline and Louise quotage in this episode. They are, once again, hilarious. Paris is particularly neurotic and by the end of the episode, I wanted to smack her, so I guess the writers did their job. And alas, sweet Dean. How sad he is in this episode. His desperate attempts to keep Rory in his life are heart-wrenching and they do a very good job of illustrating their growing distance from each other. Also, the mom from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air guest stars. Is it sad that her only two television roles have been playing someone's annoying mom? Yes. But was it fun to see her back on TV again! No, not really. But I figured I'd mention it anyway.
  • Richard helps Rory with something at school. Great episode, Dean finally realised!

    Great episode. It was entertaining to see Richard get so involved and excited in the project with Rory. It was very amusing when he and Paris would talk 'Top notch' and all that. How Paris had helped Richard set up an actual business meeting and how she said to Rory how funny he was.
    Emily's outburst at him was also amusing, when he turned the music on and she shouted 'I'm so disappointed'.

    Then at the fair you could sense trouble as Richard was acting like this was something big, not just a school project. When they lost and Richard confronted the headmaster, I guess it was a sad scene, seeing Richard be humiliated like that. But luckily he turns out to be fine and decides to run his own business, due to his major dislike of retirement. Emily's surprise was done well.

    Sookie shouting down the phone was funny, Lorelai told her to be calm and she did the opposite. The word of mouth thing about the wedding was amusing as well. Michel's mother, very strange storyline, his outburst at Lorelai was great. Lorelai's advice to Dean (Who called 14 in 3 hours) was good, he did seem so disappointed and sad.

    Rory at the end, was she lying about going to see Lane , I don't think so, just a thought that maybe she was going to Jess. End was brilliant, Dean said to Lorelai 'She likes Jess, doesn't she' Lorelai doesn't reply and he walks off.

    Can't wait to see how that turns out, will the love triangle get even more dramatic.
  • He is back!

    Richard has too much free time...
    Rory has a project for school and asks Richard for consulting, Emily talks to him and he says yes.

    The project is for a 1st aid kit, the RX2002, good idea, too bad they don't win.

    Giselle, Michel's mother, is in town and they are really looked a-like. Like mother, like son lol

    The school project makes Richard happy, he finally is doing something he likes since he quit his job. And when they lose for the stupid alarm thing, he gets really sad.

    The best is the idea he has later... Go back to work, I think is going to be great.

    And poor Dean, they are getting apart and he finally gets it.
  • richard helps rory with a school project and michels mother comes to visit.

    this was such a great episode. i thought that richard helping out rory was a really good idea i figured that he made a great chocie because he has been in the buiness world for over 30 years and it was a buiness project i liked that at first he was saying that he was there just to observe but after he heard a great idea he got really into the project. i thought that it was caring and kinda funny that Richard got so outraged that the groups project did not get first place. i thought that Giselle michel's mother was really great she was funny and seemed very caring towards her son. i thought that it was funny that michel did not tell his mother that he did not eat carbs and that sookie told his mother that he didn't.
  • Dean's face is heartbreaking

    This episode wasn't necessarily pivotal in a plot standpoint, but the look on Dean's face at the end of this episode when he FINALLY realizes that Rory and Jess have a "thing" is absolutely heartbreaking. Poor Dean who has always been nothing but the perfect boyfriend to Rory is realizing that his picture-perfect relationship is going down the tubes.
  • This was a Gilmore fun episode, not much going on but I liked it!!

    There is a pivotal moment when Dean starts to get uncomfortable and antsy over his relationship with Rory who seems to be pulling away and the only two people who are aware that something is up is her mom, Lorelai and Dean who leaves countless messages and pages!!

    The fun moment was when Rory gets to ask Richard to help her with a school project at first he was reluctant but he truly brightens up and gets in to the swing of things. I like Richard's character here because we actually see why Richard and Rory have so much in common, these two truly have a great deal in common and we see the fun side to Richard not so much the stuffy side we get so used to, sort of stern and far too serious.

    I really miss Luke in this episode, we don't see too much of him here and I almost forgot there was a fun scene at the Independence Inn when Michel's mother comes to visit which surprises all that he gets on so well with his mother but it soon turns bad when Lorelai reveals something about his eating habits innocently to his mother and ruins the fun reunion between mother and son. It was truly funny to finally get to the bottom of why Michel is so charming to his mother!!!

  • Poor Dean. At least he got a clue

    This one was so sad. Dean is feeling that Rory is pulling away from him, rightfully so, but she keeps denying. Probably to herself as much as to everyone else. Rory finds other things to do, and Dean calls and calls. Lorelai is an exceptional mom once again as she tries to help Rory's boyfriend deal with the rejection. I wonder if she remembers that she told Dean not to hurt Rory, and thinks it's sad that Rory is the one to hurt Dean. Not intentionally, but sometimes when it's time to move on both parties aren't exactly ready.

    Paris and Richard are hilarious, so much on the same wavelength.