Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 21

Blame Booze and Melville

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 10, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

Emily, Lorelai and Rory are sitting around the dining room table enjoying a chocolate fondue. Emily explains to the girls that the City Ballet is attempting to raise money. They have asked select patrons to sponsor dancers and they will then bring them into their homes. Emily shows them some pictures and asks Lorelai and Rory to help her choose a little girl. Later in the front yard, Rory is transferring some boxes from her car to her mother's jeep. The school term is almost over and Rory is moving her things, a small load at a time. They make arrangements to meet at noon at Sookie's house to decorate for a baby shower while Sookie takes her nap.

The next day at the diner, Luke is irritated by Kirk who is haggling over a ten-cent increase in the cost of his toast. Luke finally agrees to a five-cent increase just to get rid of him. Lorelai bounces in excited about the magazine article on the Inn. She shows him the beautiful picture of the Dragonfly on the cover of the magazine. Even though Lorelai is worried about her mom seeing the article with the terrible things she said about her, she is delighted with the amazing things they said about the Dragonfly. While they talk about the party at the magazine, Taylor calls. Taylor explains to Luke that the Twickham house is his and all that all he has to do is sign some legal papers. Lorelai observes that Luke and Taylor have been getting along a little better lately. Luke, still hiding his interest in the Twickham house, dismisses it by saying that Taylor was simply cooperating on certain matters.

At theStamford Eagle Gazette, Rory is bustling around the offices. She fits well into the culture of the newspaper and as always is extremely competent. Logan shows up and tries, unsuccessfully, to get Rory to leave early. Mitchum appears and chats up Rory and Logan. The levity of the exchange between Rory and the senior Mitchum does not foreshadow the trauma to follow.

Luke and Lorelai are riding in a limo, returning from the party at the magazine. They are both more than a little tipsy. Lorelai is enjoying Luke's ranting about the decaying heap we call New York City. They both seemed to have missed the food trays but certainly did not miss the bar. Lorelai thanks Luke for being such an attentive escort. She promises him more thanking later and they embrace.

The next morning, Lorelai wakes up in Luke's apartment. She lifts Luke's arm and quietly slips out of bed. She walks through the room picking up her discarded clothes off the floor. A sudden realization leaves her very concerned.

Lorelai meets Rory in front of Sookie's house at noon. Rory has brought a rather pathetic assortment of baby decorations. After a few complaints from her mother, Rory notices that Lorelai isn't her usual vivacious self and asks her what is wrong. Lorelai tells her she didn't sleep very well and changes the subject. They move towards the house just as Sookie and Jackson burst out of the door. Sookie is in labour and they are rushing to the hospital. The sight of Sookie in labour has sickened Rory but Lorelai tells her that she will see them at the hospital.

In the diner, Luke gets a call from Taylor with the news that someone else has put in a competing bit on the Twickham house. Determined to get the house, Luke tells Taylor he will up his offer. Taylor doubts that will help since this other individual has deep pockets. Luke demands to know who the person is. He looks stunned as he hangs up the phone. He walks over to Kirks table and questions him rather loudly as to where he got two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Kirk explains that he has had over fifteen thousand jobs and has saved every cent he has ever made. Luke demands that he withdraw his bid but Kirk tells him it is a perfect house for him and Lulu. Luke storms out of the diner over to Taylor's ice cream shop and demands that he set up a meeting with the town elders so that he can plead his case. As quickly as he stormed in, Luke storms out again.

At the hospital, Jackson and Lorelai are getting Sookie settled into the maternity ward. Jackson leaves for a moment to take care of business while Lorelai keeps her company. Lorelai surprises Sookie by pulling out a big juicy apple. When Sookie comments, Lorelai apologizes but Sookie tells her to go ahead and eat it. She was just surprised because Lorelai doesn't usually eat fruit. Lorelai takes a bite and looks thoughtfully at the apple. She asks Sookie how long after conception was it before she knew she was pregnant. Lorelai looks a little worried when Sookie tells her it was a few weeks. A nurse comes in to see how far along Sookie's labour is so Lorelai leaves the room. In the hallway, Lorelai stops a doctor and asks him the same question about pregnancy and gets a similar answer. She is clearly worried about her uncharacteristic craving after last night's passion. She phones Rory to fill her in on how Sookie is doing. Still bothered by her talk with the doctor, she asks Rory what kind of birth control she is using. Rory is in the cafeteria and can't talk but asks her mother what is bothering her…

Lorelai: Nothing. Rory: Mom. Lorelai: I might be pregnant. Rory: Oh…So, that's where this is coming from. Lorelai: I blame Mom. She never sat me down for the talk. And Miss Driscoll. She had her chance too, all those PTA meetings, and all she ever talked about was golf. Rory: How did this happen? I mean, if it's true? Lorelai: Luke and I came home from the magazine party the other night. We were a little loopy and it got - primordial. All roadblocks down. I mean, I was always beyond careful. The last time I had my roadblocks down was, I don't know, count how old you are to the day and add nine months.

Rory tries to comfort her and asks her to keep her posted.

At the Stamford Eagle Gazette Rory is setting up for a meeting when Mitchum walks in. They chat for a while until Rory's cell rings. She leaves the room to answer it. It was Lorelai announcing the newest member of Stars Hollow has arrived. Sookie had a girl. Lorelai also announces that the pregnancy scare was a false alarm. Both Gilmore girls are excited about the baby and relieved by the false alarm. They make plans for a "Welcome to the world baby Bellville" party when Sookie gets home.

In Sookie's hospital room, she and Jackson are sharing a quiet moment with the new baby, deciding on the name. When Jackson suggests that any name they don't use they can use for the next child, Sookie breaks the news to Jackson that there won't be another child and that he is getting a vasectomy. Jackson is shocked as he walks away with a rather large male nurse.

Lorelai arrives for Friday night dinner carrying a small bag with copies of the magazine article about the Inn. She is very apprehensive about showing it to Emily. Emily answers the door excited to introduce her to Mikhail, the ballet dancer she is sponsoring. They move into the living room for drinks.

At the Stamford Eagle Gazette Mitchum is conducting a meeting as Rory listens quietly in the corner. Mitchum obviously enjoys the sycophantic musings of those around him. After the meeting, Mitchum informs Rory that he is finished at the paper and apologizes for not giving her any feedback on her performance before now. Rory is enthusiastic to hear what he has to say. Without mincing words he tells her that she just doesn't have what it takes to be a reporter…to find the story. Rory is crushed by this revelation from such a driving force in the industry. She leaves the room a devastated.

In Stars Hollow, Luke and Kirk are in the steam room talking to the elders. Although Kirk is in a towel, Luke is fully clothed and unhappy with the location of the meeting. Kirk presents his case as if he is in a courtroom. Luke, on the other hand, just states that he should have the house because it was promised to him. Even though Luke isn't particularly deferential to the elders, the head elder is on his side and tells the others that Luke should have the house and the others agree.

Lorelai finally gives Emily the magazine article to read. Knowing that she will be very upset, Lorelai gets up and goes to her father's study. She listens for her mother's reaction. When she hears Emily cry out, she locks the door. We hear Emily outside the study door. She is horrified by what Lorelai said about her. Lorelai apologizes and explains that she was mad at her at the time. She begs her to forgive her. Emily considers the request for a moment and tells her she will stop reading. Emily thanks her mother and exits the study.

At the yacht club, Logan is surprised to see that Rory is early for the party. As they begin to talk, he is also surprised by her ill humor. Rory wants to leave the party and head out on the seas. Logan explains that they don't have a boat to use. Logan suggests they fly to New York but Rory cannot be dissuaded from taking to the sea. Rory suggests another boat in the marina. Logan points out that it isn't theirs to take but Rory argues that that has never stopped him before. They run off towards the boat.

At Emily's house, they are still waiting for Rory when she calls her mom's cell phone. She tells her mom that she needs to come and pick her up.
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